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Thousands of users worldwide are already using Febooti fileTweak. Our award-winning utility Febooti fileTweak is hard to beat for speed and usability. Try fileTweak for free without any obligation to buy!


Thousands of users worldwide are already using Febooti fileTweak. Our award-winning utility Febooti fileTweak is hard to beat for speed and usability. Try fileTweak for free without any obligation to buy!
With Febooti fileTweak you can change date and time for files, JPG images, folders (directories) and subfolders as well. Change files and folders creation date / time, last modified date / time and last accessed date / time (timestamp).

Manage (modify, count and change) files and folders attributes - change Read-only, Archive, Hidden, System, Offline, Temporary, Not indexed, Encrypted and Compressed attributes and count Reparse point and Sparse attributes.
* Date module - change date / time of files and folders - creation, modification and last accessed time (timestamp).
* JPG Date module retrieves Exif information, such as Camera model and Image date and time, by reading Exif metadata tags from JPG format images. Allows to change JPG / JPEG photo dates.
* Attributes module change and count files and folders (directories) attributes - Read-only, Archive, Hidden, System, Temporary, Offline, Not indexed, Encrypted, Compressed, Reparse point and Sparse file attributes.
* View module - view file content and view / print / copy folder list.
* Description module - view file or folder description (if available).
* fileTweak module - show / hide / configure any fileTweak module.
* About module - shows Febooti fileTweak and user information.
* Hex Editor (freeware) module - hex editor to view and edit file both in ASCII and HEX (hexadecimal) modes.
* Hash & CRC (freeware) module - CRC calculator to compute file checksum values in popular hash formats.
* Download Speed (freeware) module - test Internet download speed and compare to other connection types.
* Case (freeware) module - change file / folder case to lowercase, UPPERCASE, Sentence case, Title Case, tOGGLE cASE and rAnDom CasE.

<b>Febooti fileTweak features:
* Folder and file name Unicode support.
* Expands "property" tabs to display additional file properties.
* Change file date and time (timestamp).
* Change folder (directory) date and time attributes (file created, file last modified and file last accessed).
* Change JPG / JPEG image Exif date and time (image taken, image modified and image digitized).
* Manage / change / modify file and folder attributes (supported by the operating systemdlOal).
* View / print / list file and folder content (copy file list to clipboard).
* Dynamically loads into memory and unloads when close Windows property pagesdldc.
* Easy customizable interface (modules).
* Full right-click context sensitive help.
* And many more powerful operations...

dlOal Not all attributes and date / time can be changed on every operating system or computer.

dldc Feature depends on your system configuration. In most cases this feature is enabled. See FAQ for more details.

Febooti fileTweak - modify file / folder date and time 3.0 Ripping & Encoding Tools software developed by febooti software. The license of this ripping & encoding tools software is shareware, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy a registration or license. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this ripping & encoding tools software Febooti fileTweak - modify file / folder date and time. If you want to get a full and unlimited version of Febooti fileTweak - modify file / folder date and time, you should buy from original publisher febooti software.

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