Feeds Data Access Layer 1.0

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A 'Data Access Layer' (DAL) is a programming concept to hide the underlying data and its formating from an application's code. Feeds DAL is a C# library for .NET that shows the benefits of using a data access layer for feeds based applications. Feeds Data Access Layer 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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Data Access Layer Generator for Java 1.0 Dalgen4j  Misc. Dev. Tools

A data access layer generator. It takes information from an existing database, and generates the entity classes from tables, stored procedures to access and update the data in the tables, and classes for easly executing them and taking results back Data Access Layer Generator for Java 1.0...

SharepointDAL 0.2 Beta Gabriele Del Giovine  Server

SharepointDAL will provide SharePoint developers with a proof of concept of Data Access Layer / ORM for Windows Sharepoint Services. With SharepointDAL, you can now shield the complexity of Sharepoint Server Object Model comprising the CAML query so you can really concentrate on developing your...

Xolutions Data Access Widgets for .NET 1.8.rc1 sqlbooster.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

This project is currently devoted two to SOA-enabling technologies:SqlBooster: A better data access layer for .NET solutions using ADO.NET (written completely in C#) for Microsoft Sql Server to support stored procedures and arbitrary SQL, ADO.NET tra

.NET Data Layer Framework 1.0 Datalayer  Misc. Dev. Tools

It eases data access layer building in n-tier applications. It is an Object/Relational mapper with mapping attributes. Supports: multiple DBMS (MS SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL), inheritance, 1-1, 1-many, many-many relationships and data caching. .NET Data Layer Framework 1.0 License - GNU General...

ORCGeNext 2.0 AlekSoft  Applications

Objectives This tool can be used for generating base code (attributes, data access layer, business logic layer, presentation layer, startup project, application server, think client) for multi-tier applications which work with databases. An application generated by this tool can be run and work...

dPulpo 1.1.3966.2 Pulpo  C and C++

dPulpo is a code generation tool that generates your database and data access layer, starting from a database-, framework- and language-independent Entity Relationship model described in XML. It's main assets are simplicity, speed and user-friendliness, taking away the grunt work for developers,...

SQL CE Code Generator Beta 1.0 Christian Resma Helle  Misc. Dev. Tools

Contains a stand alone GUI application and a Visual Studio Custom Tool for automatically generating a .NET data access layer code for objects in a SQL Server Compact Edition database. FEATURES: - Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 Custom Tool Support - Creates entity classes for each table in the...

DataLG 1.7.1 users.encs.concordia.ca  Code Management

DataLG is a Data Access Layer (DAL) generator. Create stored procedures, views, and tables on the database side, then use DataLG to create an assembly (and its source) to interact with them. Works with: Ms Sql Server, Sqlite 3, Mysql 4-5, and PostgreSQL.

DataQuicker 0.9.4 lovinger2000.cnblogs.com  Code Management

DataQuicker is a data access layer framework. It helps us to cut down, accelerate development and decrease risks. It's more possible to provide our customers a perfect on-time project, and release us away from working over-time and delay.

gdbms 2.0 gdbms.sourceforge.net  Database

Driver based data access layer writen in Java. With it you can execute SQL queries between data stored in different format, servers, ... if there is a driver to access them.