File Structure Grabber 1.33

Alexander G. Styopkin in Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

This program will create a copy of the file structure of a computer and allow you to access it on any other computer without a network connection!What is it for?Suppose your colleagues cannot find an important file when you are away and you do not remember the path to it. Use your home computer to open the exact copy of the file structure of your office computer, find the necessary file and tell your colleagues the exact path to the file by...

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Zero Zipper 1.0.4 Build 3 Skwire Empire  Misc. Utils.

The Zero Zipper application was developed to be a small, easy to use tool that will allow you to duplicate a folder / file structure as zero-byte files and then create a zip from them.

Tree Map File Manager 1.0.2  File & Disk Management

This is a Tree Map based file manager, providing basic file manager operations besides visually displaying of the directory/file structure.

FTP file search/index 1.0 Ftpseeker  FTP

Designed for intranet ftp file sharing, It loads file structure from selected intranet FTP Servers and allows search of files on the file database. Uses MYSQL for data storage. The search is performed trough a web-based interface. FTP file search/index 1.0 License - Open Software License 3.0...

IPhone Analyzer 2.0.2  Backup Tools

Explore the internal file structure of your iphone (or of a seized phone in the case of forensic teams) using either the iphone's own backup files or (for jail broken iphones) ssh. Viewing of plist, sqlite, and hex are supported. IOS 4 is now supported

PicoStorage rc.0.1  Database

PicoStorage, a lightweight "filesystem in a file" (Structure Storage) library,features efficient and compact storage of both tiny and large files and directories, compression, and transactions.It is highly scalable, simple and easy to use.

Files Catalog Java 1.0 Filescatalog  Components and Libraries

This project intends to have a local treemap of the files, giving the opcion for fast - search, search for duplicates, sort, create file structure by content, batch-rename, rename files by reading the ID tag (for Music files), etc. Files Catalog Java 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

p4a app creator 1.0 P4a-app-creator  Misc. Dev. Tools

This tool generates a complete P4A application from a simple ini file structure. p4a app creator 1.0 License - Creative Commons Attribution License

Copy directory structure Jan Michelfeit  Misc. Utils.

As its name implies, Copy directory structure will enable users to copy the structure of a folder to a ZIP archive. The application does not actually copy the files and data, but only the file structure of the selected directory. Optionally, you can remove the structure of sub-directories....

DBF Doctor 2.8 Astersoft Co.  Finance

DBF Doctor is a valuable addition to the software toolkit of any IT professional. DBF Doctor allows you to restore important data from a damaged or corrupt database file in minutes. Our advanced recovery engine ensures good recovery chances. The engine automatically analyzes the headers and data...

File-Spector : Binary File Analyser 02  E-books & Information Databases

File-Spector is a small, fast and easy to use binary file analyzer and Inspector.It allows the users to format a complete binary file structure and then use it to read any binary file that matches the specified format.