FileTagSleuth 1.0

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FileTagSleuth 1.0

FileTagSleuth is the totally FREE, easy and quick MP3 tag and photo EXIF viewer.Search through your MP3 tags, read photo information, and export all of your files tags instantly forlater viewing. Just drag and drop to start, then search, view and print tags in thousands of files atonce. Find common tag names across multiple files, and see the common values in them. You can pullout the ID3 tag, photo tag or any other information for pretty...

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TagExplorer GranderSoft Development  MP3 Tools

TagExplorer is a powerful yet easy to use tool designed for editing and manipulating the information in your music files. It allows you to rename audio files based on the tag information, extract tags from file names, create playlists and so on. TagExplorer has convenient skinnable multilingual...

IDTE - ID3 Tag Editor Beta Rajat Kosh  Misc. Audio

IDTE - ID3 Tag Editor is a simple and easy-to-use application that provides users with a simple means of editing ID3 tags for audio files. Also, the application enables users to easily play FLAC, AAC, MP3, WAV and WMA audio files. IDTE - ID3 Tag Editor comes in handy for users who want to...

iTunes Tagger 2.1 Beta Skylar Van Kruistum  Misc. Audio

iTunes Tagger is a utility that detects ID3 tags for iTunes songs through the Last.FM XML service. Therefore, it allows users to update track-related details such as artist, genre and song title. In order to add new tags, you simply have to select a track in iTunes and choose the preferred...

EXIFLOG 1.5.2519.21650 Michael A. Covington  Misc. Graphics

EXIFLOG is a lightweight application that allows you to instantly create a report with the EXIF information stored in multiple files. You can use it to extract the information from all the image files from a folder. The extracted information can be reviewed in the main window that also allows...

ExifExt for Safari 1.7 Friedrich Preu+a+S  Misc. Network

ExifExt is a very useful Safari Extension that will display pictures' EXIF info with just a mouse-click. It will extend Safari with an additional context menu entry to show EXIF from pictures on web pages.

AudiQ Emilio Medina Arribas  Misc. Audio

All the MP3 files of the music albums that you can download have different name formats or the information tags are empty. AudiQ is a small and simple tool that lets you format the MP3 filenames the way you want. This application also fills the MP3 tags with the information of each song.

Mitec EXIF Reader 3.8 MiTeC  Misc. Dev. Tools

MiTeC EXIF Reader is based on TObject class and contains complete interface for reading TIFF 6.0 and EXIF (IFD 0, Sub IFD, Interoperability IFD) and MakerNote (Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, Casio, Minolta) tags stored in image files. JPEG thumbnail (IFD 1) is also available with this...

ID3Remover 1.2 Markus Eriksson  Misc. Audio

ID3Remover is a simple, handy and easy-to-use software that allows you to remove ID3 tags from MP3 files. Now you can use this handy piece of software to quickly and easily remove all the tags you want from your MP3 audio files.

Yet Another Java ID3 Lib 0.4.0 Alpha Henrik Niehaus  Misc. Dev. Tools

Yet Another Java ID3 Lib is a lightweight and easy to implement Java library that you can use to add MP3 tag editing capabilities to your applications. The library provides you with all the classes needed for allowing an application to read, delete and edit the tag of MP3 audio files.

MP3 Tester 1.03 BynaSoft  Misc. Audio

MP3 Tester will examine your MP3 file to ensure that they meet the standards that you set.Tests include bit and sample rates, ID3 tag fields, file numbering and frame integrity. MP3 Tester also implements DSP techniques to test if your files end prematurely.Here are some key features of "MP3...