First File View 1.53

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Do you have for a file can not browse and have been be embarrassed?Do you need to be a kind of document format(for example WORD, EXCEL, ACAD, etc) conversion or output becomes the various document formats such as PDF, TIFF, GIF, HPGL, BMP, STL and VRML? Do you hope to print various documents in a integrated environment? Do you hope to add watermark and stamp while printing? Do you need to demonstrate the product pattern of different software...

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Eldritch 8.07.06  Role Playing

Eldritch is a first-person view, turn-based, party-based RPG similar in form to the games of the Wizardry series. Included with existing game content is a map editor with basic scripting abilities (and plaintext datafiles): this can be used as an engine.

FPV OSD 2  Science

This project implements an On Screen Display for FPV (First Person View) for RC planes. Sends telemetry data from GPS & sensors embebed with video information.

Interface Imersiva Realidade Aumentada 1.0 Immersive3rdper  Puzzle

The development of a new immersive interface, with a paradigm shift that uses a third person point of view instead of the common first person view used on nowadays immersive interfaces. Interface Imersiva Realidade Aumentada 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Mondo Medicals 1.0 Cactus Software  Puzzle

This game could be described as an illogical puzzle game played from a first person view, with plenty of bizarre elements. And it's downright evil. Most of the levels are designed to confuse you, and the solutions aren't always that easy to figure out. Move around with the arrow keys and press Z...

3D Flying Bird 2.4 Roberto Breve  Games

Have you ever wondered what the flying bird sees when he flies through those pipes? Now is your chance to experience it. This is a first bird view of the game, frustrating as usual but fun! Just tap to fly and avoid the pipes!

Handball3D 1.1 Tactic3D  Sports

With Handball3D for iPhone, you can view the tactics made by your coach in 3D, with animation, arrows, comments, first person view, and stop motion feature. Perfect to understand what to do and to learn the strategies of your team. You can watch your tactics during travel, just before the game !...

QuadcopterFx Simulator 1.1 Prabhjot Singh  Games

A Quadcopter simulator with First Person View (FPV) and HUD. An App for Novice or expert Quadcopter / Multirotor RC Drone users to practice skills and to have fun. Features: 1) Based on real physics Model of Quadcopter 2) Interactive selection of different cameras modes: * Eye level Camera *...

Binary Viewer / Editor Eolis Software  Misc. Graphics

Binary Viewer / Editor is a compact application that enables you to view and edit the content of a file in binary view. That means the user can open every type of file, view the content and make modifications. It is a tool for the users accustomed to working with binary files. The program has a...

Restorer Ultimate for Mac 1.5 Bitmart Inc.  File & Disk Management

Restorer Ultimate for Mac is one of the first file recovery tools to bring professional data recovery into the Mac world. Restorer Ultimate combines a slick intuitive user interface familiar to Apple users with an advanced data recovery suite powerful enough for corporate use. With Restorer...

Win 7 Explorer Column Header ijprest  Misc. Utils.

Windows 7 Explorer shows column header only in Details view. It doesn't show column header in any other file view mode. To fix this inconvenience, Win 7 Explorer Column Header can enable column header in all file view modes. You just need to download following ZIP file, extract it and run...