Fleeble - The Essential Agent Framework 1.0

Fleeble in Utilities \ Maintenance

java-based complete Agent (Artificial Intelligence) Framework with all the features you might expect in an Agent Framework: Mobility, Autonomy, Distributed communication, Agents can be written in Java, Jython, or Beanshell. Fleeble - The Essential Agent Framework 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL)

Related Software

Mobile Agent Framework 0.1 maf.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

MAF (Mobile Agent Framework) is a research prototype which aims to facilitate the development and evaluation of mobile agent by providing a set of handy primitatives and simulation tools.

Trinity mobile agent framework 1.0 trinity-maf.sourceforge.net  Science

Trinity is mobile agent framework for creation of wide range of mobile agent types. Main goal of project is to provide a tool for rapid development of non-complex agents. Trinity is implemented in .NET v3.5 with usage of Windows Workflow Foundation and W

JPA - Java Personal Agent 1.0 spa-ai.sourceforge.net  Science

JPA is platform independent, hybrid agent framework that enables users to use natural language to access applications such as email, file system, web services, database, and internet; all through a single user interface.

Log4JADE 1.0 log4jade.sourceforge.net  Science

Distributed logging service for JADE agent framework, utilizing features of Log4j and Chainsaw projects.

mSALSA 1.1 msalsa.sourceforge.net  Science

An agent framework for ubicomp applications.The mSALSA framework facilitates the development of ubicomp systems using autonomous agents.

PeedyPal 1.0 peedy.sourceforge.net  Science

PeedyPal is a Visual Basic-based interactive personal assistant that runs on the Microsoft Agent framework.

The Virtual Storyteller 3.0b Virtstoryteller  Simulations

The Virtual Storyteller is a multi-agent framework for generating stories based on a concept called emergent narrative. The Virtual Storyteller 3.0b License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

VirtualAssistant 1.0 Virtualassist  Science

Extensible agent framework with the ability to perform common tasks such as notify you when you have a mail, or a message in your phone, or some web or file has change... A kind of automated webapp secretary. VirtualAssistant 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Sage Agent Framework 1.0 Sagent  Maintenance

Sage is a framework for developing and hosting Service Agents, which provide a standardized service layer for clients of the framework. Used with the Sage Interface Registry project, agents may be certified as compliant against an interface type. Sage Agent Framework 1.0 License - Mozilla...