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Thank you for choosing ForOffPC!ForOffPC is designed with three important objectives:

- provide you a user-friendly interface.
- be simple and easy to operate.
- provide multiple useful features, but not an overload.

In ForOffPC, you can:

-shut down,restart,stand by,log off,hibernate or turn off monitor your PC at a timeyou select.
- run tasks one time, or on a recurring basis (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).

ForOffPC settings include the ability to:

- run ForOffPC automatically when windows starts.
- minimize ForOffPC to the system tray (near the clock).
- open a window showing you a list of reminders for the day.
- change the appearance, with a choice of skins, colors and fonts.

Creating a ForOffPC reminder or action:

1. Open the program and select the date and time. If you do not specify hour, minute and seconds the values will automatically default to "00".
2. Select the action you want manage your PC’s power.
3. Select a recurring basis tasks (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) if not select that run tasks one time.
4. Press "OK" button.
5. To edit a task, double click the left button mouse on the task listed.
6. All the associated settings will appear in a window where you can edit the settings.
7. After editing, press "OK" and all your changes will appear in the task list.
8. You can delete a task by left-clicking on a task to highlight it and then pressing the “DELETE” button
9. When ForOffPC starts, if you selected "show the window today," a list of reminders for today will appear. You can then double click the left mouse button to see a message box listing the information set for each task.


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