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<i>Manually resizing windows can be a pain, and getting them to line up along the side of the screen is an unwelcome dexterity test. With FreeSnap, you can move and resize windows with your keypad.


<i>Manually resizing windows can be a pain, and getting them to line up along the side of the screen is an unwelcome dexterity test. With FreeSnap, you can move and resize windows with your keypad. Just fire up the program, and you can use hotkeys to center windows or send them to all corners of the screen. You can use the "plus" and "minus" keys to resize windows without tiresome clicking and dragging.</i>

Ever try to size a window so it just touches the edge of the screen? Itd-deOaos tedious (at least for me). FreeSnap allows you to instantly resize any window edge to the corresponding screen edge. Want that window to touch the right edge of the screen? Press and hold the left d-deDUWindows Keyd-deDt (see illustration below) and press the right arrow. Itd-deOaos just that simple. The number-pad keys work as well, regardless of the NumLock state.

Press Windows Key + ? to bring up the help screen (notice the Donate button).

The Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys move a window to the corresponding corner of the screen without resizing the window. I like to think of these as the d-deDUcorner keysd-deDt.

If you think about it, the number-pad makes an easy template for remembering how to size and move windows. The arrow keys size windows, and the corner keys (7,9,1,3) move windows to the corner of the screen.

The d-deDUPlusd-deDt and d-deDUMinusd-deDt keys on the number-pad will resize the window to a specific dimension. The dimensions used are:

640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024

This is handy for seeing how your artwork will fit on standard size screens. Sizes can be added or removed by editing the FreeSnap.cfg file in the application folder (usually C:Program FilesBlue Onion SofwareFreeSnap). You'll need to restart FreeSnap for the settings to take affect.

The d-deDU5d-deDt key on the number-pad centerThe d-deDU5d-deDt key on the number-pad centers the window on the screen without resizing it. The number-pad d-deDUEnterd-deDt key will maximize the window when it is normal size and vice-versa. The d-deDU0d-deDt key will minimizes the window.

When multiple monitors are detected, FreeSnap remaps the "5" key to move the window from one monitor to the next.

Half screen sizing: You can size any window to a half or even quarter of the screen by using pressing Win+arrowkey+arrowkey. The second arrow key press will pull the opposite edge to the middle of the screen. This works in both the vertical and horizontal directions. This mimics the same behavior featured in Windows 7 but with keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse moves.

The half screen sizing replaces the undo feature. If you prefer the undo feature to half screen sizing, you can turn it on in the config file. Repeating the last command will then undo the command and restore the window.

You can grow and shrink an edge by 10 pixels by pressing Windows Key + Ctrl + (an arrow key) or Windows Key + Shift + (an arrow key).

An alternate set of keys that are more suitable for laptop users is available. The keys are:
Windows Key + I snap to top edge
Windows Key + K snap to bottom edge
Windows Key + J snap to left edge
Windows Key + L snap to right edge
Windows Key + T move window to top-left corner
Windows Key + G move window to bottom-left corner
Windows Key + Y move window to top-right corner
Windows Key + H move window to bottom-Windows
Windows Key + C center window (move to next monitor when multiple monitors detected)
Windows Key + Z grow window
Windows Key + X shrink window
Running FreeSnap

You can start and stop FreeSnap by using the menu items. The only indication that FreeSnap has started is the brief banner that appears when you start it. There is no tray icon (heck, you probably have about 20 of those if youd-deOaore like me). The installation automatically places a shortcut to FreeSnap in the Startup folder. You can delete the shortcut if you dond-deOaot want FreeSnap to start automatically.
Configuration File Options

All options are set in the FreeSnap.cfg file located in the installation folder. Edit with notepad and then restart FreeSnap. The default values are:

* banner: yes
* taskswitch: yes
* undo: no
* usealtkeys: no
* size: 640,480
* size: 800,600
* size: 1024,769
* size: 1152,864
* size: 1280,1024

<b>Command Line Options</b>

The d-deDU-stopd-deDt option will stop FreeSnap.

FreeSnap 1.5.3 Misc. Utils. software developed by Blue Onion Software. The license of this misc. utils. software is shareware, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy a registration or license. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this misc. utils. software FreeSnap. If you want to get a full and unlimited version of FreeSnap, you should buy from original publisher Blue Onion Software.

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