Freedom XML Config Reader 1.0

Freedomxmlconf in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

This is an extensible, XML based config file reader library written in C#. Allows users to access configuration settings using a folder hierarchy. Freedom XML Config Reader 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

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The TXDR is a customizable, C++ XML parser (reader) designed to ease XML data handling for users who primarily use XML as a data input language. The XML Data Reader (TXDR) 1.0 License - Artistic License

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The XML News Reader takes almost all the information from the XML file ... the XML file has a simple structure that is easy to modify... Variables that you can change: newsWidth set the width of the news area; newsHeight set the height of the news area this includes the antet; lineColor set the...

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Tiny Config Reader: Config File Reader/Writer for Embedded Systems.

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Documentation generator for XML config files, the documentation of the config xml file will be entered in xml comments. This program works like JavaDoc for Java files for XML config files.

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Multi User Dungeon, created for Linux from scratch in C, both server and client, web-enabled, socket-communication, xml-config file, xml-communication protocol, mysql database backend. Quite simple really, been working on it for quite some time. Maarten's Mud 1.5.1b License - GNU General...

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Display your favourite blogs and RSS news feeds as a screensaver. This screensaver has a built-in RSS XML feed reader.

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Assemblies for work with .Net.Win and .Net.Web App.config inside client apllications. Collections of special basic classes responsible for getting the xml.config file, its correct division and interpretation. The component contains a strong name and may be registered into Global Assembly Cache...

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Gchats Tiny Mp3 Player 2.0 is the best choice for having multiple songs in your pages. you can customize the colors dynamically with xml config file and also it can be resized to fit in your layout.

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If you wish to put multiple songs in your web pages, look no further than the Tiny Flash Player. Dynamically customizable colours ,via an XML config file, and a resizable player layout, make it truly the best choice in its class of applications.

Aresource 0.0.1  Simulations

An opensource game engine programmed in Java with LWJGL as a OpenGL interface. It's main desired features are great design, multithreaded for diferent systems, and easy of use with LUA (or Jython) scripting language and XML config files. There may be so