Games Pack in C 0.1 in Games \ Misc. Games

A Game pack written in C/C++ and SDL. The purpose of this pack is to help new people in C. Currently has Connect 4 Console version.

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Arkanoid is one of the world popular arcade game. Our games games pack contains four different remakes of classic Arkanoid - Sav-Arkan II, Doomball, Arkanoid 3D and Arkanoid The Virtual Isles. The main goal of the game is always the one: you breake different bricks gathering bonuses to pass level...

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PacMan is the most popular game of the world since the age of first video game systems. This new games pack contains three modern versions of PacMan game: PacMania, PacMania 2D+ and PacMania 3D. Your out-to-munch character is as voracious as ever, trying to eat various goodies and powerups to...

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"Chimera2D" is an 2D Games Engine For creating video games written in C #, which combines ease and power. The engine uses the library XNA which allows portability (Cross Plateform) between PC and Xbox360. Thus, with the wealth that it bears the POO, Ch

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A cool Puzzle Games pack that includes Jigsaw, Sudoku, Magic Cube, Magic Square and Towers of Hanoi puzzles. You can make Jigsaw puzzle from any of your picture and you get unlimited puzzles of all kind mentioned. The software is free to use and it is also entertaining.

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Polar Golfer is a game from WildTangent, part of the "HP Games" pack. If you have ever played Polar Bowler or Polar Pool, you will like this one too. The goal of the game is simple: play golf! Start playing with the polar bear or the penguin, and get as many points as possible to...

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3D Beer Asteroids, Invaders, and Blaster is a shareware games pack for Windows. This package contains three crazy games: 3D Beer Asteroids, Beer Invaders, and Beer Blaster. The aim of the three games is to hit as many beer containers as possible before they fall. Once the game is over, we can...

infinityRL alpha.0.02  Role Playing

InfinityRL is intended to be a generic, data-driven engine for roguelike games, written in C++. The infinityRL engine is to be simple and straightforward in design. Building infinityRL requires an implementation of curses and the Boost C++ libraries.

DouCards 1.0 Doucards  Card Games

A suite of games written by C++. Games include spider, landlord, solidate,and so on. IF you have any requirements, please leave your message in DouCards 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

GameEngine.Net 1.0 Gameenginenet  Gaming Tools

A set of libraries to create (mostly) adventure games, written in C#.Currently includes a library for game logic, and a CLI engine (like old prompt games) - for testing purposes. GameEngine.Net 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)