gedit session autosaver plugin 0.4b

Geditautosaves in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A simple plugin for GEdit the GNOME editor to automatically save and restore open session of editing tabs gedit session autosaver plugin 0.4b License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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tomcat-javagroups 1.0  Misc. Utils.

This project consists of a session manager plugin for Tomcat 5 clusters, designed to scale by using single "buddy" backups rather than full replication. It uses the jcluster API ( as the communication mechanism.

gedit Connected Terminal Plugin 1.0 Conntermplugin  Misc. Dev. Tools

A plug-in for the gedit software bundled in the Gnome desktop. It creates a terminal titled "gedit Connected Terminal" at start-up. The plug-in associates copying to that terminal in gedit with the F5 key. This works well with the R interpreter. gedit Connected Terminal Plugin 1.0...

Accent Plugin for Gedit 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

A simple Gedit Plugin which enables a markup syntax to produce extended characters. 59 defaults but extra character support can be added easily making this plugin highly configurable.

Gedit source code builder plugin 0.5  Misc. Dev. Tools

The Gedit "builder" plugin is a plugin for the Gnome Text Editor that allows you to compile source code and then click on the compiler output errors to go to those errors in the source code.

KeyBindings plugin for Gedit 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

KeyBindings is a plugin for gedit written in python. It lets you use (and eventually define) key combinations for usual actions such as switching tabs, closing tabs, etc.

po-files editing plugin for gedit 0.1.6  Misc. Dev. Tools

gedit-pomode is a plugin for convinient editing PO files in the gedit text editor.

HTML-Tidy Gedit Plugin 1.0   Misc. Dev. Tools

This plugin allows running Dave Ragget's HTML-Tidy utility from Gedit. It supports two operations: tidy, and tidy-check, as well as some conveniences, such as as easy configuration of Tidy's numerous parameters, and detection of relevant files for operations. The tidy operation...

Gedit Qedit Plugin 1.0 Qedit-plugin  Misc. Dev. Tools

A plugin for gedit intended for quick editing and movement without using the cursor keys, ala vim/emacs. However, the name qedit originally comes from "Quake style edit" since I enjoy using wasd to move the cursor, but this is a user preference. Gedit Qedit Plugin 1.0 License - GNU...

Cream Bash IDE 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

Customized version of the Cream tekst editor including bash IDE plugin and session management support. Easy to use but extremely powerfull editor based off VIM. "Browse all files" for debs and rpms

pppd LDAP plugin 0.12  Misc. Utils.

pppd_ldap is a plugin for pppd >= 2.4.2 which forms an "LDAP-enabled" version of pppd. Plugin authorizes PAP users and can set IP address and session/idle timout according to data retrieved from LDAP server.