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Guess Spade 1.0

(Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds) Spadespotting Spadespotting is a fairly popular solitaire game in China. Some lucky guy once won 1,000,000 coins bet with 2000 bank roll. Now who has the best hand on this planet? Try how many coins can you earn with 2000? Our system will automatically show your scores in the GameCenter, where you can see your rankings among your friends. Rules: before the game, you should bet on the suit respectively, i.e. Spades,...

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Spade Buddy is a spades auto card counting program developed for the benefit of the players of Spades. It's programmed with an advanced function to keep track of all cards that are played by all members of the table. Perhaps you're one of the many Spades players who has trouble keeping...

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Word Guess Game is similar to the classic hangman game. The game has very fancy look and is very easy to be learned even by small children. It is designed to help grade school age children improve their vocabulary and spelling. Full Version contains over 12,500 words.

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guess 16/32/64-bit integer types by driving the C compiler via a sh/cmd script

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CytoSPADE is a plugin for the Cytoscape application designed to help you implement the SPADE algorithm in order to visualize and to analyze high-dimensional flow cytometry data. The plugin can handle the data collected from the mass cytometers and allows you to work with flow cytometry data.

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