Guitar chords laboratory 1.53

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Guitar tuning (several variants of the guitar tuning, several tone reproduction modes of tuned string)Guitar chords guidance (database of standard guitar chords, all possible variants of one chordchord playing)Work with song texts (text editing, chord recognition in texts, chord transposing)Left-handed guitars.

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Guitar Chords 2.2 Ginsh John  Miscellaneous

Guitar Chords is a free software, with over 40000 basic and advance guitar chords. Nice and simple environment. TAB notation of the chords. No confusing graphics or images.

Music Notes and Guitar Chords 1.0.0024 Image Intelligence Software Ltd.  Miscellaneous

Music Notes and Guitar Chords was created as a simple and easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to evaluate your musical knowledge. All you have to do is load the application, select the quiz you want to take and try to answer correctly to as many questions as possible. Music Notes and...

Guitar chords machine online 8.01 FLASH MUSIC GAMES  Simulations

Guitar chords machine. There are 2 things that you should practice as you learn new chords. Play the notes of the chord individually, making sure that all of the notes are sounding. Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Also features standard ear training and exotic guitar...

100 Chords Method 1  Sound Tools

Play-along method to master the 100 most important guitar chords positions. You will also learn to read chord charts effortlessly.

Guitar chords basics 8 FLASH MUSIC GAMES  Miscellaneous

Basic Guitar chords and signatures. Find and save list of chords. Basic guitar chords A sheet of the most used rock chords. Suitable for beginners. Empty chord sheet An empty sheet of chords templates to print out and use. Basic guitar chords Em, C, G, D, Am, E, and A ear training Free lesson on...

Super Guitar Chord Finder 5 2 CDV  File & Disk Management

Helps you learn, search for, analyze, and play guitar chords.The Chord Analyzer shows you which notes are in the chord. It shows a chord diagram, showing open and muted strings. You can choose the diagram for left or right-handed guitarists, and you can click the Play button to hear the chord at...

Guitar chords and tabs 1.0.3 Daniel Klementovic  Music

Guitar chords and tabs is mobile application to find and view more than 500.000 chords or tabs from hundreds of artists. App includes: - ?ffline access to favorite tabs - Chord diagrams with multiple variations

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A complete guitar chords directory with sound for each string and fret

Guitar Chords LE 2.0 Fonexsis  Music

Prepare to explore an amazing world of guitar chords in your iPhone/iPad! Demo video: This app is an unique collection of chords that is especially designed to make your guitar learning practice comfortable, cognitive and exciting like never before!...

Guitar Chords (Pocket Guide) 1.1.1 Fabio Carraffa  Music

Guitar Chords (Pocket Guide) - All chords you need always in your hands just in one click! Guitar Chords PG is a very simple chords library app for iPhone (5 supported), iPod Touch and iPad (Universal) with many fundamental chords for learning and quick reference. The all-in-one interface...