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HDHost enables you to run the GetDataBack on one computer ("remote") while accessing the drives of another computer ("host").

The "remote" computer runs GetDataBack, the "host" computer runs HDHost.


HDHost enables you to run the GetDataBack on one computer ("remote") while accessing the drives of another computer ("host").

The "remote" computer runs GetDataBack, the "host" computer runs HDHost. HDHost is a program available for download here.

On the host side call the program HDHOST.EXE and configure the desired connection. When done click Wait for connection.

On the GetDataBack side, click the Remote Drive button, in Step 1. A new window will pop up requesting you to select and configure the kind of connection. When done click Connect and another window will pop up displaying the available physical drives on the host computer. Select one and you are back in the drive selection screen. Click Ok and the remote drive is loaded.

You can establish a two different kinds of connections:

* Serial communication through RS232 (Com port)
* TCP/IP communication through a network interface card (NIC)

Serial communication is quite slow, therefore you will probably prefer TCP/IP. However, serial communication is easier to setup and every computer is equipped with a serial port.
Serial Communication

Serial communication requires a Null-Modem Cable connecting both computers through the COM port. On both sides select the port number this cable is connected to. Both sides must use the same Baud rate.
TCP/IP Communication

TCP/IP communication in a LAN requires a network interface card (NIC).

As the Connection choose the IP that is associated with your NIC. If this computer does not get an IP address assigned by a DHCP server you might need to assign a static IP address in the Windows network configuration. A typical address is for this machine and for the host.

As the IP of host choose the IP of the host's connection. You might need to specify a static IP address (e.g. in the Windows network configuration of the host computer.


* If you have problems connecting try to PING between host and remote. Go to the command prompt and type ping on this computer. Try ping on the host computer. (This assumes that is the host's IP and this computer's IP). The ping must be successful on both sides.

* Disable all Firewalls.

Please note: Installing HDHost or any other programs on the drive you want to recover from, can cause data on that drive to be overwritten. If at all possible, we always recommend to attach the drive as a second drive to a working computer and run the data recovery software from there.
Run from WinPE Boot CD-ROM

If there is no way to attach the drive to a working computer (e.g. a laptop hard drive) you can run HDhost from a WinPE boot CD-ROM. The benefit is you do not need to install any software on the system or drive you want to recover from.

HDHost 1.0 Hobbies software developed by Runtime Software. The license of this hobbies software is freeware, the price is free, you can free download and get a fully functional freeware version of HDHost. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this hobbies freeware HDHost. Always use genuine version that is released by original publisher Runtime Software.

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