Half-Life Server Manager 1.0

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The Half-Life server manager is a web-based PHP application which allows server admins to stop/start/configure their Half-Life Dedicated Server or Half-Life TV Server from an easy to use interface. Half-Life Server Manager 1.0 License - BSD License

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Brett Guarnieri 32 phpadminmod.sourceforge.net  Misc. Games

phpAdminMod is geared towards those Half-life server operators who want to be able to maintain a secure Admin Mod through a web page. Currently Admin Mod supports intergration with HLStats, and runs on both Linux/Unix and Windows platforms. Supports insta

halfStats 1.0.b7 halfstats.com  Misc. Dev. Tools

halfStats is a Perl program which parses Half-Life server logs and generates player statistics in HTML files.

HL Who's Online 1.01 hlwhosonline.sourceforge.net  Misc. Games

A small PHP script that queries a Half-Life server for player info and outputs the names, durations, and kill counts of those connected to a web page. Highly customizable output.

HLlog 2.02 hllog.sourceforge.net  Misc. Games

Half-Life server console output manipulation utility.

ClanMod 1.82b1 Clanmod  Misc. Games

ClanMod is a Metamod plugin designed to offer extended features to Half-Life server admins by providing an in-game menu system, scheduled tasks, custom command and task declarations, specialized configs and addons to ease the task of administration ClanMod 1.82b1 License - GNU General Public...

Q-Simix Monitor 1.0 Qsimix-monitor  Misc. Games

Tiny Counter-Strike (and Half-Life) server monitoring application working completely in tray. Q-Simix Monitor 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

AMX Mod X 1 76 AMX Mod X Dev Team  Games

AMX Mod is a scripting mod for the administration of Half-Life servers. The mod was initially developed in the pre-Steam era of Half-Life and it has been ported to the steam versions. Half-Life and its mods (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, etc.) are is the game with most dedicated...

Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer 1. 3. 2006 wunderboy.org  Games

Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer is a program designed to preview Half-Life-engine models. This program is based on Chumbalum Soft's Half-Life Model Viewer, but with several improvements. The first one is that this program can handle the new texture features of the improved Half-Life...

Half-Life Decay PC 1.0 Vyacheslav Dzhura and Denys Zhatov  Games

Half-Life: Decay is a Half-Life modification for PC originally created for the PS2 version. The expansion was developed by Gearbox only for PS2. But a recent method of getting files from PS2 allowed a group of Ukrainian developers to port it to the PC. In Decay, there are two main characters,...

Half-Life : INVASION Half-Life Invasion Team  Games

Half-Life: Invasion is a single-player modification for Half-Life. This mod was created by a French development team focused on bringing more of Gordon Freeman's adventures. The mod starts right where Half-Life ended, with G-Man giving you a decision of working with him or of dying. Right...