Handbook of Games and Simulations in Teacher Education 1.0

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Handbook of Games and Simulations in Teacher Education 1.0

Digital games and simulations are serious new tools for learning. They can achieve dramatically higher levels of emotional power, interactivity and effectiveness for learning compared to conventional resources. This interactive handbook was collaboratively developed by the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, the National Technology Leadership Coalition. It is...

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FlexGen 1.0.0 flexgen.org  Components and Libraries

FlexGen is a flexible random map generation library for games and simulations. Maps are generated by randomly laying down map tiles so that their edges match. You can define map tiles however you want to determine what type of map is created.

PixelLight 1.0 pixellight.org  Drawing and CAD

PixelLight is a cross-platform application framework for any kind of 3D applications like games, interactive simulations or visualizations. It's written in C++ and has been designed with flexibility and extensibility as one of it's main goals.

Open Physics Abstraction Layer for .NET 1.0 realmforgewiki.castlegobs.nl  Science

A high-level interface for low-level physics engines such as ODE for use in games, robotics simulations, and other 3D applications. This C# port of OPAL includes intuitive objects such as Solids, Joints, Motors, Sensors and XML-based definitions. Open Physics Abstraction Layer for .NET 1.0...

JuSim Platform 1.0 Jusimplatform  Misc. Dev. Tools

Jusim Platform allows to develop an run multiuser games or simulations providing remote running facilities, extensible framework components and web-based project management. JuSim Platform 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

TeamSpeak SDK 3.0.1 Teamspeak Systems  Misc. Dev. Tools

The TeamSpeak SDK is a powerful solution designed to offer a complete integrated solution for online games, virtual worlds, social networks, education, military simulators or any application where up to thousands of users require crystal clear simultaneous voice communication. TeamSpeak...

RealmForge (now Visual3D Game Engine) 0.6.2 visual3d.net  Misc. Dev. Tools

The first 3D game engine built in C# for .NET, predecessor to the Visual3D Game Engine (http://www.visual3d.net/game-engine), an All-in-One Game Development Tool for Next-Gen 3D Games, MMOs, Simulations and Virtual Worlds powered by Microsoft XNA.

Vizzini Game Framework 0.3.0 vizzini.sourceforge.net  Arcade Style

Vizzini is a Java game framework which provides common abstractions and interfaces to enable quick game development. Targeted areas include board games, arcade games, card games, and simulations.

VoxRend 20050415 voxrend.sourceforge.net  Drawing and CAD

VoxRend is an OpenSource voxel graphic engine. It can be used to create games or simulations, but you can use it to get other graphic representations. Uses tile-maps and can load and render Ken's VOX files. Today it's inactive but I have plans for the

Teacher education: content area resource 1.0 Teachresources  Miscellaneous

This web site is intended to provide prospective and practicing teachers with resources and lessons plans that might be of value to their classroom praxis. Teacher education: content area resource 1.0 License - Public Domain

e-Pointer 2.20 Red Candle software  Maintenance

e-Pointer: The Useful tool for teacher, Draw Computer Screen freely and easy, It can be used to draw your briefing, lantern slide or other's on your computer screen. Feature List:Support windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, Windows 2003.Pure c Compiled! Excellent...