Higher Dimensional Game of Life 1.0

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The project involves implementation of a higher dimensional version of the Game of Life for Cell Broadband Engine for dimensions three to six. Higher Dimensional Game of Life 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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Gaia Game of Life Screensaver 1.01 Gaia Dream Creation Inc.  Screen Savers

Gaia Game of Life Screensaver is a screensaver based on the popular Conway's Game of Life. Unlike the original game where the cells are all in the same group, this screensaver features animations with two groups of cell competing against each other for the same territory. It also has two kinds of...

Cells Game of Life 1.0 Modebiz  Education

This is a cellular simulative app based on Conway's Game of Life, trying to study and observe this two-dimensional universe in an intuitive way. In daily life, when you want to build a windmill, the first thing in your mind may be considering how to make the leaf and let it rotate. Now from...

CellFighter Game 2.5 BriskLogic  Puzzle

This program is an extension of the Game of Life that transforms the classical Life from an environment for various experiments into a genuine game with an active player and a clear goal: rival colonies of virtual germs wage a war against each other, and you takes part in this battle in real time...

CellSim (Game of Life) 1.0 cellsim-gol.sourceforge.net  Simulations

CellSim (Game of Life) is a Conway's Game of Life clone programmed in Visual Basic. Net for the VITTA Programming Excellence Awards. Fully documented with nice features like variable grid sizes, saving/loading from an access database and much more.

Conway\'s Game of Life 0.4.1 plife.sourceforge.net  Simulations

A lightweight and fast implementation of Conway\'s Game of Life and related cellular automata.It includes a pattern viewer running X Windows anda Python module intended to help in designing complex patterns.

Game of Life 3D 1.0.1 gol3d.sourceforge.net  Graphic Editors

Game of Life 3D is an platform-independent OpenGL implementation of John Conway's Game of Life with a modern QT4 user interface. It features a random mode and different pre defined example modes.

Game of Life JS/jQuery 0.1 bolch-steinegger.de  Simulations

This is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Its main use was on our Website, but we wanted to publish the code and documentation for the public. We are open for feature request, just use the ticket system.Further information on the game of life can be found on Wikipedia:...

Conway's Game o' Life Simulator 1.0.2 Gameolife  Simulations

A very simple and basic simulator of the Conway's Game of Life. It's in JAVA. It might be a good start for students wanting to reproduce this game with the original game rules. Right click to start or pause the simulation. Left click to add or kill cells. Conway's Game o' Life...

Game Of Life: A C# lesson 1.0 Gameoflifeacles  Simulations

Game of life is a c# lesson in object oriented programming. It provides places to write code which is Object Oriented and work on AI routines, Multi-threading and least importantly, fun. A demonstration of object oriented design. Game Of Life: A C# lesson 1.0 License - GNU General Public...

Konway - Game of Life Simulator 1.0 Konway  Simulations

Graphical interface for John Horton Conway's Game of Life Konway - Game of Life Simulator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)