HotField (Bullets time shooting game) 1.11

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HotField (Bullets time shooting game) 1.11

FOR LIMITED TIME - 66% OFF! HotField is a 2D/3D vertical scroller shooter game, splendid graphics effect with amazing and addictive gameplay! The game utilize multi touch feature, you can play the game use your fingers or virtual keypad. Double tap the screen(or Pressing the virtual A key) allows your ship to enter "Bullet Time" state.( Enemies and their bullets will slow down ) Double touch the screen(or Pressing the virtual C...

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HotField is currently On Sale! Yep, HotField is cheaper than a cup of coffee! And more fun too. Download now and you will get 6 totally different stages with mega bosses and upcoming updates at the low price. HotField is a 2D/3D vertical scroller shooter game, splendid graphics effect with...

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