Houdini AR 1.2

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Houdini AR 1.2

Houdini AR is an Augmented Reality app which lets you load and manipulate a 3D Asset on your iPhone or iPad. To start using it, simply point your camera at a Houdini Asset Coaster and a 3D asset will appear in the viewer which corresponds to the coaster's icon. You can then manipulate the asset using control sliders and by moving either the camera or the coaster. The Houdini Asset Coaster acts as marker to anchor the augmented reality...

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Houdini Anonymizer 1.0 VPNArea Offshore Security LTD  Security & Privacy

Houdini Anonymizer is a comprehensive VPN software designed to help you protect your identity while browsing the Internet and access blocked services such as Hulu, Netflix, Facebook or Skype. Houdini Anonymizer allows you to hide your IP address and any application behind a chain of two or more...

Edmark Edmo and Houdini howieabernathy  Games

Edmark Edmo and Houdini is a new and fun flash game for kids. It's simple to download and easy to install and has a very friendly user interface. Challenge to recreate existing CD Rom modules using Flash (actionscripting) for internet delivery.Various artists recreated the original bitmap...

AR Cache Purge 0.7.3 arcachepurge.sourceforge.net  Finance

AR Cache Purge automates the process of clearing BMC Remedy user cache on client machines. It first checks the registry for the Home folders(s) and then removes the .arf and .arv files. It handles multiple users and home folders on a single machine.

AR Ping Pong 1.0 arpingpong.sourceforge.net  Sports

Ar Ping Pong is an table-tennis game that uses augmented reality.

Houdini OpenSoundControl 1.0 houdini-osc.sourceforge.net  Drawing and CAD

A CHOP that enables Houdini to use and record OpenSoundControl data.

od[force] Houdini Plugins 0.03 odforce.net  Drawing and CAD

Houdini Animation Software Plugin Repository. C/O od[force], a community site for enthusiastic Houdini support. http://www.odforce.net. Plugin areas: Rendering DSO's, Geometry Ops, Dynamics Solvers, Compositing Ops, Particle Ops & Scripting commands.

AR System Developer's Toolkit 1.0 Arsdevtoolkit  Database

The AR System Developer's Toolkit has been designed to ease many of the functions of AR Admins and developers alike. ARSPerl-based packages allow for the export and import of data and workflow definitions to and from the server. AR System Developer's Toolkit 1.0 License - GNU General...

Houdini Character Development Kit 01 Hcdk  Animation

The Houdini Character Development Kit is a set of tools (scripts / HDA's) that help and make easier the task of rigging characters. Houdini Character Development Kit 01 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

AutoFlight DEV57 PreAlpha Lukas Lao Beyer  Miscellaneous

AutoFlight is a user-friendly application that you can use to control and monitor your AR.Drone using your computer. With AutoFlight, you can control the drone device with a gamepad or joystick. The application monitors the altitude and the flying speed, as well as the battery level. Also, it...

ESET Win32/Filecoder.AR cleaner Eset  Security & Privacy

ESET Win32/Filecoder.AR cleaner is a useful tool that will enable you to clear the encryption left behind by the dangerous trojan that hijacks files on a target computer. ESET Win32/Filecoder.AR cleaner will scan the computer and erase all remnants of the virus as soon as it finds them.