Hours and Minutes 1.6

Port Jackson Computing in Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

Hours and Minutes greatly monitor your workday in a task-oriented manner. You may even add comments, making it easy to remember exactly what youlve worked with. A must have!Your timesheet is created for easy overview with just a click. For a more extensible and professional timesheet Hours and Minutes support plugins that, for instance, exports your data to Excel.Make your day easier with Rules and Reminders. Rules are task-specific reminders...

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Time Difference Calculator will calculate the number of days, hours, and minutes between two dates and times. Just input two dates and times (such as Dec. 10, 2000 11:49 PM and 12/25/07 7:33 AM) and Time Difference Calculator will display the time difference. It will display this difference both...

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This useful program shows you how many years, days, months, hours and minutes it will be until any definite time.

Hours Minutes Calculator 1.0 Nanotec Apps  Utilities

Add, subtract, multiply and divide hours and minutes. Ideal for filling in time sheets or using as a music track list calculator where you input minutes and seconds instead of hours and minutes. Examples: 6+2 = 8:00 :6+2 = 2:06 6+:2 = 6:02 6-2 = 4 6-:2 = 5:58 :6-2 = -1:54 6x2 = 12:00 :6x:2 =...

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Enter your babys due date and count the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes until the big day. Then enter the actual birth date and count up forever. Scroll between 6 different pictures and 6 sound clips.

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Windoff is a freeware program that allows you to indicate when you want your computer and monitor to shut down or close a program, to a maximum limit of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds ( this means 4 days and 4 hours). For example: you can leave your computer Internet-connected from Friday at...

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Show Battery Status is a Win32-Application that shows the battery status in the upper right corner of the desktop with simple graphics changing in 3 seconds periods the display between the status in percent and the remaining time in hours and minutes.

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BackOnTime makes it very easy to set alerts to help you get back-on-time. You can set the time that you want to be back by time-of-day, duration in hours and minutes, or by dark. Its great for helping kids get back home on time for dinner or by their curfew, or back before its too dark to see, or...

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Echo Clock is a game to help children make the connection between hours and minutes and to help them become fluent in both reading and setting time on digital and analog clocks.

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This little application counts down the time until event you have added. App shows remaining days, hours and minutes until the date. And that all with notifications! App supports multiple events, so you can easily switch between them in app main screen. Unlike other apps, this app is really...