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If you spend any amount of time outdoors, you have probably noticed periods
of increased wildlife activity throughout the day. The scurrying-about of
squirrels. The flight of birds. The movement of deer, turkey and other large
game. Whether morning, noon or night, this increase in activity runs in

HuntTimes is a text representation of the well known Moon Times and Moon
Clock designed by legendary wildlife expert, inventor, underwater
photographer and designer, Doug Hannon. "Most successful outdoor experiences
have been proven to occur during periods of peak activity that can be
predicted in advance," said Hannon.

The moon clock theory states that animals and fish are active because they
move to feed during certain times of the day. There are two major and two
minor periods each day. The amount of movement forecasted for each phase is
based on its proximity to the new moon and the full moon. The closer the
period is to the new/full moon, the stronger the activity. Conversely, the
farther away from those times, the weaker the activity.

Because of the phase-based calculations, the forecasts are accurate anywhere
in the Northern Hemisphere, and there is no need to enter a specific city,
state or even country.

It is important to note that our forecasts take into account the normal
long-range variables. However, they cannot account
for such important short-range factors as barometric pressure due to frontal movement,
precipitation or temperature.

While HuntTimes does not guarantee a huge buck or full game bag, it enables you
to make those hours spent in the field more productive. HuntTimes is a
companion to FishTimes and contains the same information.


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