Hypnosis for Childbirth (hypnotherapy for stress free pregnancy, labour and birth) 1.1.1

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Hypnosis for Childbirth (hypnotherapy for stress free pregnancy, labour and birth) Download

The hypnosis for childbirth app brings all the experience and benefit of an experienced Hypnosis For Childbirth trainer and former midwife to you from the beginning of your pregnancy to birth and beyond. The app is organised to focus on your specific needs at each stage of pregnancy giving you natural effective visualisations and relaxation tools that help you to be in greater control during the pregnancy and prepared for birth.

Over a year in the making, this programme is supported by videos delivered by Diana Tibble, who has been helping couples to a happy birth experience for over 19 years.

Soothing music and sounds from nature can be chosen to enhance your relaxed listening state while Diana guides you into a calm state of preparedness.

There are two hypnotic inductions available, following which you can guide yourself towards three goals: early pregnancy, mid pregnancy and preparing for birth.

| * Early Pregnancy (03 months)
[track lasts 25mins]

The early pregnancy hypnosis track addresses the natural changes that occur within your body in the early months of pregnancy.

Visualisation tools are used to enhance the action of your altering body to enable it to work smoothly and efficiently. During the audio you will be guided through a hypnotic experience where you will be able to identify natural concerns that arise during the early months and choose to resolve them. The journey will enhance your bonding and excitement of this wonderful experience.

This track can be listened to at any point in pregnancy but has maximum benefit in months 03.

| * Mid Pregnancy (36 months)
[track lasts 16mins]

The mid pregnancy track enhances your ability to relax fully and enhance your bodys adaptation to pregnancy.

During the middle phase of your pregnancy you may well feel less tired, perhaps you are blooming. Many women have returned to their usual busy lives once pregnancy is really established and it is easy to forget about being pregnant and the wonderful journey that is ahead of you.

In this hypnotic experience you will have the space to really focus on the wondrous changes in your body and your life, learn to use your mind to fully relax at will and recharge your batteries to remain healthy, energetic, optimistic and excited to meet your baby.

This track can be listened to at any point in pregnancy but has maximum benefit in months 36.

| * Preparing for Birth (69 months)
[track lasts 28mins]

During the preparation for birth hypnotic track you will experience labour as a rehearsal, one of the most valuable hypnotic tools. Listening to this regularly will enable you go into a deeply relaxed state.

Your mental preparation will enable you to get into the zone when you really are in labour, thus getting the most out of each and every contraction, which research demonstrates reduces the length of labour. You will be given options of tools to enhance your experience, reduce intensity and feel relaxed and deeply content.

With regular listening you will find that you confidently and easily go into this deeply internal state during labour, allowing your body to work smoothly and effectively with patience and excitement to meet your baby.

This track can be listened to at any point in pregnancy but has maximum benefit in months 69.


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