IMS Open Corpus Workbench b.3.0.0

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The IMS Open Corpus Workbench is a collection of tools for managing and querying large text corpora (100 M words and more) with linguistic annotations. Its central component is the flexible and efficient query processor CQP, which can be used interactively in a terminal session, as a backend e.g. from a Perl script, or through the Web-based GUI CQPweb. Index corpora into a compact and swiftly-searchable format (with Unicode support!), Search...

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An open source workbench for chemo- and bioinformatics built on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP).

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[EN & FR] When using the xml mode in Open Workbench (necessary for the ANPE) these XSLT scripts allow automatic syncronisation between plans and custom real-time HTML reports on tasks. Ces scripts permettent la synchronisation de plannings et tats HTML

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Mcheza was developed as an accessible and Open Source selection detection workbench for dominant markers. Understanding the contribution of selection and molecular adaptation in shaping genome wide variation has many applications ranging from human health to conservation of endangered species....

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IMS Assesst Designer is assessment creation tool is designed specifically for user friendliness. Authors can create, modify, delete and rearrange questions in assessment with ease. This complies with open standards such as the IMS Project Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) Specification....

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The Molecular Workbench™ (MW) software is a versatile platform for science education. First, it is an open-ended modeling tool for designing and conducting powerful simulations across science and engineering. Second, it provides an authoring system for instructional designers to...

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The Cobos Project is an Open Source initiative from Metrixware, dedicated to Mainframe COBOL CICS, DB2, IMS developments within the Eclipse Platform.

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An open-source corpus analysis class library written in C#. GUI of Tenka Text 0.1.3 comes with Wordlister - an advanced, extremely fast graphical wordlist tool and a simple regex concordance tool. Tenka Text - the open-source answer to WordSmith Tool

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OpenEiffel is the Open Source Eiffel System - Compiler, Workbench, Libraries: Participate!