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Are you a small hotel owner and sick of manual reservations which need a lot of handwritten papers and record keeping? Well, look no further, iMagic Hotel Reservation is the software which has been launched to make a difference and simplify the whole process efficiently. On one hand, it lets you reserve and record credentials without consuming a lot of time while on another hand, it makes the analyzing, arrangement and allocation of the rooms process very sophisticated.

Among the countless features of iMagic Hotel Reservation software, the most prominent ones are as follows:

- Convenient management of customers:
With the help of software, not only new customers can be managed conveniently but dedicated records and notes can be kept regarding repeating customers, such as specific notes of preferences, events or dates etc to facilitate them dedicatedly.

- Smooth payment system:
In addition to booking, payment options are also regulated and structured with the help of several payment options. Whether you need to have an insight of different payment heads like laundry, service charges or bar or even want to know how much does a customer owe, the software provides thorough details only after the single click!

- Cost effective:
iMagic Hotel Reservation is a tremendous substitution to the most expensive customer management tools and solutions to offer you such an experience which is compact by all the means and affordable at the same time.

- Hassle free customers management & excessive exposure:
The software lets you go through a broader picture of the rest of your performance and helps in reporting the records and stats in the easiest manner with the help of graphs and tables. Also, iMagic Hotel Reservation makes it fairly smooth to proceed web bookings rapidly and that's too without a fee on each reservation and hence offering you a large exposure to online booking providers.


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