IO Kontrol 1.0

Iokontrol in Education \ Science

IO Kontrol is a simple USB driver that accepts 24 port digital inputs. IO Kontrol 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

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IO Connection Analysis Beta thomas mims  Misc. Network

The IO Connection Analysis tool was developed in order to help users and provide a map with all the inbound and outbound TCP/UDP connections. IO Connection Analysis will also map a port to various performance metrics like processor and memory utilization.

Tech Writers IO 2.0 Tech Writers  Finance

Tech Writers IO v2.0 is a simple executable applications that requires nothing but the push of a button to run. It allows use to see the offline version of the website Tech Writers and all it require is to download the app. Tech Writers IO v2.0 will perform without complaints and is less likely...

IO Ninja Programmable Terminal/Sniffer 3.6.5 Tibbo Technology  Utilities

IO Ninja is an all-in-one scriptable terminal, sniffer and monitor. It's aimed at system administrators, network security experts and developers of communication software. IO Ninja is free for non-commercial usage. Out-of-the-box IO Ninja provides: * Serial terminal * TCP terminal...

Licht24 Pro Bernd Karle Hard-Softwareentwicklung  Misc. Utils.

Licht24 PRO - Controller software for relay boards and digital IO cards. Licht24 PRO gives you the control of arbitrary equipment, quick and comfortable with your PC. Ideal for discos, stage, partyrooms or home automation use. It's a universal control desk for your PC with various features....

Local IO 1 5 Industrial DOT NET  Internet

Local IO is an object oriented .NET assembly that supports the development of OPC DA 2.0 clients by encapsulating all of the OPC communications details in one assembly. Not just an OPC wrapper; you never have to deal with COM to .NET interop issues. Focus your efforts on your application's...

Io (ISREC ontologizer) 0.1.3  Science

Io (ISREC ontologizer) is a program to classify high-throughput genomics data (e.g. microarray results) in the Gene Ontology. Io includes a statistical estimation of the significance of data in the GO nodes and reannotation files for Affymetrix chips.

Java IO Extension 1.07  Misc. Internet

Java IO Extension is a open source project which extends java IO package by providing a java class library to access IO system in a local area network Developers can easily use IO Extension just like using java IO API to access a remote IO system

Serial IO 1.0  Science

Serial-IO is a simple program to send and receive data from a serial interface. The GUI is designed like a chat window with a transmitter/receiver field and a command line to send characters and integer values.

Useful Terminal IO Library 1.2.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

This Useful Terminal IO library is a C++ alternative to ncurses for working with terminfo-defined terminals. Included are raw terminfo string access and output, an efficient buffered output system, and a keyboard driver.

MoonBeams distribution system for Io 1.0 Moonbeams  Misc. Utils.

Packaging and distribution system for third party libraries for the Io programming language. MoonBeams distribution system for Io 1.0 License - BSD License