IP traffic volume logger 0.3.4

iptrafficvolume.sourceforge.net in Utilities \ Security

IP Traffic Volume: Logs (counts) in- & outgoing bytes through network device(s) using kernel iptables. Highly configurable as to which bytes are logged, e.g. to/from specific ports or ip-addresses. Data displayed in html via cgi or plain ascii to console

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Cnc's IP Data Volume Report 1.0 Cnc-ipflows  Misc. Utils.

Cnc's IP Data Volume Report: Logs IP to IP contact, number of packets, bytes, time of contact, Ethernet too! View via local web interface. Very simple for those who want to view who your computer is contacting the most! Web Interface @ http://localhost:4000/, Scrolling bandwidth graph.,...

kvolmet 1.0 kvolmet.sourceforge.net  Security

kvolmet is a linux/kde utility to monitor transmitted IP traffic relative to a fixed monthly basis. The utility is intended for users having a subscription for a volume limited internet flatrate (respectively for those wishing to subscribe to one).

IPTicker 1.4 Soft Trek  Misc. Internet

IpTicker is a nifty utility to track IP traffic to and from your PC in real time. Potential usages of IpTicker are:- To measure the amount of traffic to and from your PC (grouped by IP address and port) To confirm if there are any unsolicited outbound activities from your PC To investigate IP...

Cisco IP Accounting Fetcher 1.4.3 cipaf.sourceforge.net  Security

IP traffic accounting on CISCO routers.

Dtrag 2.1 dtrag.sourceforge.net  Science

Dtrag is a distributed IP traffic generator, where traffic nodes are controlled through a central application via CORBA and may generate IP/UDP traffic patterns in a network. The nodes run on Linux and Windows.

get_xyz 1.1 get-xyz.sourceforge.net  Security

Universal IP-traffic collector. Can gather data from Cisco IP Accounting / ipcad, Mikrotik, NSG, Revolution routers.

trafficV2 2.6 trafficv2.sourceforge.net  Misc. Utils.

"Traffic" is ethernet/ip traffic generator. The tool consists of server and GUI application.Typical configuration is to have at least 2 servers and 1 or more client machines, where the servers are controlled and results are displayed.

openbsd-ipsec 1.0 openbsd-ipsec.sf.net  Firewalls

This project aims to construct an ultra secure OpenBSD IPsec site to site VPN that tunnels IP traffic securely across the Internet enabling multiple branches to communicate with one another securely and conveniently. OpenBSD makes it all very easy and secure since its networking stack is the best...

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Arrival and Departure times in Singapore Changi Airport. Singapore, being one of the highest traffic volume in travel in the world. Offers a convenience way for you to check timing information of Changi Airport. The transition effect is inspired by the traditional Timing Billboard in Terminal 2...

IP Traffic Monitor 2.2 Skyward Software  Networking

A tool that helps you watch your network activity and see which connections take a lot of traffic. Also saves daily logs and allows you to view the saved logs.IP Traffic Monitor main features:Monitors IP traffic in real-time Traffic SpyPie chartWorks with proxy serversSave traffic logs Displays...