Ink2Text Handwriting Recognition System in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

This system provides printed and cursive handwriting recognition service as a shared library on GNU/Linux/Unix systems.

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3D Face Recognition System 1.0 Luigi Rosa  Misc. Dev. Tools

3D Face Recognition System provides you with a reliable algorithm that allows you to identify the face of a person in poor light conditions and by using thermal imaging. With the help of 3D Face Recognition System you have the possibility to detect and match faces using 3D algorithms. This way,...

Gait Recognition System 1.0 Luigi Rosa  Misc. Graphics

Gait Recognition System is a Matlab component that allows you to recognize people from a distance by the way they walk. It includes an algorithm that analyses the image of a person and identifies the spatio-temporal statistical distribution of pixels. You can use the algorithm to analyze...

AFNER Named Entity Recognition system 1.02  Science

AFNER is a C++ named entity recognition system that uses machine learning techniques. It is customisable to various domains. It also allows for multiple and overlapping named entity labels.

BANNER Named Entity Recognition System 02  Science

BANNER is a named entity recognition system intended primarily for biomedical text. It uses conditional random fields as the primary recognition engine and includes a wide survey of the best techniques described in recent literature.

FALCON Object Recognition System 1.002  Video Editors

This is the award-winning FALCON I object recognition system! Capable of tracking up to 12 different objects simultaneously, and with over 6 times the raw resolution of the CMUCam, this is one of the most powerful vision systems in its class.

Neuroph OCR - Handwriting Recognition alpha.0.2  Science

Neuroph OCR - Handwriting Recognition is developed to recognize hand written letter and characters. It's engine derived's from the Java Neural Network Framework - Neuroph and as such it can be used as a standalone project or a Neuroph plug in.

Simple Image Recognition System 1.0 Simpleimagereco  Science

The main goal of this project is to build simple computer image recognition system. This project is part of my B.A. preparations. Simple Image Recognition System 1.0 License - BSD License

TouchPad Handwriting Alvin Wong  Business

TouchPad Handwriting is a simple application that you can use to write letters by hand using your notebook's touchpad. Using the Synaptics API, the program is capable of performing handwriting recognition on laptops or notebooks. It can only recognize one English character at a time and enables...

WIDI Recognition System Standard 4.03 WIDISOFT  Music Composers

WIDI Recognition System is a polyphonic Audio to MIDI transcriber. The program recognizes CD tracks, MP3 and Wave files and automatically produces polyphonic MIDI files in several seconds. In addition, WIDI Recognition System is capable of converting music on the fly, as you sing or play a...

WIDI Recognition System Professional 4.03 WIDISOFT  Audio Editors

WIDI Recognition System is a polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter with an advanced MIDI Editor. The main function of the program is to transcribe Audio files into MIDI, and then to help with quick and efficient rearrangement of the converted file. The program recognizes CD tracks, MP3 and Wave...