ipfw-classifyd 1.0

Ipfw-classifyd in Security & Privacy \ Firewalls

An application layer classifier for FreeBSD's ipfw firewall. ipfw-classifyd 1.0 License - BSD License

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Firewall Builder NetCitadel LLC  Server

Firewall Builder makes firewall management easy by providing a drag-and-drop GUI application that can be used to configure Linux iptables, Cisco ASA and PIX, Cisco FWSM, Cisco router access lists, pf, ipfw and ipfilter for BSD, and HP ProCurve ACL firewalls.

FreePFW - FreeBSD IPFW Web Interface 0.2.2 freepfw.sourceforge.net  Networking

FreePFW is a web interface to IPFW firewall on FreeBSD servers. It allows authorized users, from authorized hosts changing *specific* rules at the firewall, granting remote access to the server.

Firewall Builder for Windows 4.1.3 B3421 1.0 NetCitadel, LLC.  Security & Privacy

Firewall Builder is a GUI firewall configuration and management tool that supports iptables (netfilter), ipfilter, pf, ipfw, Cisco PIX (FWSM, ASA) and Cisco routers extended access lists. Both network administrators and hobbyists managing firewalls with policies more complex that is allowed by...

IPFWstats 1.0 ipfwstats.sourceforge.net  Networking

IPFWstats is a suite of shell, perl and PHP scripts to count network traffic ona per user basis on a server using the FreeBSD IPFW firewall. Statistics are imported into a MySQL database daily and canthen be viewed using a PHP script in a web browser

Milva 0.99.1 milva.sourceforge.net  Security

ipfw Log Viewer & Analyzer - a utility written in PHP, that can be used to view and analaze ipfw logfiles. Contains a search form, a database backup/restore feature. Can draw graphs from the collected data. Contains a wizard-like logfiles import tool.

MySQL IP accounting logger daemon 1.0 mipact.sourceforge.net  Networking

This Daemon written in Perl, logs FreeBSD ipfw ip accounting counters every X seconds/minutes, so after rebooting, crashing, flushing, zero out your ipfirewall table, you don't loose any mayor traffic information.

Transparent HTTP Proxy 1.6 transproxy.sourceforge.net  Networking

Transproxy is used in conjunction with the FreeBSD (ipfw and ipnat) or Linux transparent proxy feature (ipfwadm, ipchains and iptables), to transparently proxy HTTP requests.

Web-based Firewall Log Analyzer 0.94 webfwlog.sourceforge.net  Security

Flexible web-based firewall log analyzer, supporting netfilter and ipfilter, ipfw, ipchains and Windows XP system logs, and mysql or postgresql ulogd database logs using the iptables ULOG target of netfilter.For Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, OSX,etc.

Qtfw - FreeBSD ip firewall gui frontend 0.5 Qtfw  Firewalls

Qtfw is a Qt gui frontend for ipfw utility in FreeBSD.It helps configuring firewall in FreeBSD with a niceand comprehensive user interface. Qtfw - FreeBSD ip firewall gui frontend 0.5 License - BSD License

P2P marker 1.0 P2pfw  Firewalls

FreeBSD kernel module to catch and mark p2p traffic which can be then limited and/or shaped using most popular firewalls and QoS systems (ipfw, ALTQ, other). High performance and efficiency are main goals. P2P marker 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)