JACR - Just Another Checkbook Register 0.0.4

jacr.sourceforge.net in Business \ Finance

Just Another Checkbook Register is a PHP/MySQL based checkbook register Web App designed for a home server.

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Keeping a record of your account transactions and other incomings and outgoings on your personal computer couldn't be easier than with the Personal checkbook Register program. To add an entry all I had to do was enter the date, check number, payee and amount, and then click on the add button...

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The Checkbook Register for Excel is a simple, easy-to-use spreadsheet for recording your pending, cleared and cancelled checks. Pre-loaded formatting includes a red font for incorrectly entered amounts (i.e. negative numbers) and a color-coded status field indicating whether the check is cleared,...

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WISCO Accounts uses the single-entry system of recording expenses and income, very similar to a typical checkbook register. Every transaction is recorded only once, either as an income or an expense. The single entry method is simple, easily understood, and requires little training. WISCO...

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