JDasm, java class file manipulator 1.0

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JDasm is a library written in java to easily manipulate Java class files. It gives you the ability to load a class file and modify it or write a new one from scratch; you can inspect it, edit or export any part of the class file and import it into anothe

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Java Class File Library 2.0.161 Free Internals  Components and Libraries

Java Class File Library or jCFL is a Java component designed to give users a convenient API to parse Java class Files, and further more, it provides swing UI controls to display the class file. jCFL makes it very easy to get the constant pool, fields, methods, and human readable byte code...

Class Encrypt 1.2 classencrypt.sourceforge.net  Encryption Tools

Java class file encryption. Class Encrypt is a program that can encrypt a developer's class files and package them into an executable jar file for deployment. The program uses modules for implementing different encryptions.

ProGuard Java Optimizer and Obfuscator 4.7 proguard.sourceforge.net  Code Management

ProGuard is a free Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier. It detects and removes unused classes, fields, methods, and attributes. It optimizes bytecode and removes unused instructions. It renames the remaining classes, fields, and methods using short meaningless names....

jasperSmartReportGenerator 1.0 Jssrg  Miscellaneous

jasperSmartReportGenerator is a java class file to call and export JasperReports without the need to write a Java program. Especially it is used to call and export JasperReports from command line. jasperSmartReportGenerator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

JWinExe 1.0 Jwinexe  Misc. Dev. Tools

JWinExe is a simple Win32 executable that can be used to start/run an executable jar file or Java class file. The executable can be renamed to match the jar file to be run, or a configuration file can be used. JWinExe 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Find Java Class 1.0.0 Q5i  Misc. Dev. Tools

Find Java Class is a simple, tiny, Java based application designed to help you search all sub directories and find out which JAR files contains a specified Java class. All that you have to do is enter the name of the class you are looking for and let this tool take care of the rest. for...

Java Pareto Solutions Beta Corne Plas  Misc. Dev. Tools

Java Pareto Solutions was built as a class file that allows the user to filter out all the dominated solutions. Thus, all solutions that are left are non-dominated and thus belong to the Pareto front. The input are arraylists for each criterion. The output is one arraylist containing the...

Java Class Viewer 2.0.4 Free Internals  Components and Libraries

The Java Class Viewer (jCV) is a visual class file inspector. It can open .class, .jar, files, etc. By using jCV, you can see the meaning of each byte in the class file. A class file is a stream of 8-bit bytes; it has the following structure, as described in JVM Spec: ClassFile { u4 magic;...

Hunk I/O 1.6 Build 9397 Canadian Mind Products  Misc. Dev. Tools

Hunk I/O is a Java class to include in your own programs. They let you read or write a file in one fell swoop into RAM. It also includes createTempFile method that is more convenient to use than Sun's File.createTempFile. It also includes PrintWriterPlus that converts linefeeds. for Windows2K,...

uuDeJava 1 2 uuware.com  Misc. Dev. Tools

uuDeJava is tool for UnCompile Java Class files,and the Java source files is out to the same folder of Class files. Inner it use of jad.exe. With uuDeJava you can UnCompile Class files by click on it,or right click on it then send it to uuDeJava's Short Cut in "Send To",also you can...