JGame - a Java engine for 2D games 20110425

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JGame - a Java engine for 2D games 20110425

JGame is a small multiplatform 2D game engine. It runs on the Java JRE 1.3+ platform, the J2ME (MIDP2.0/CLDC1.1) mobile platform, and the Android (2.1+) platform. It provides a very high-level framework for "classic" type arcade games.

Related Software

GEN2D 1.0 Gen2d  Gaming Tools

Small and flexible sprite-based game engine for 2D games. Written in ObjectPascal, it uses the SDL library (and asociates) to do harware-level stuff. It supports Delphi (7-10) and FreePascal. GEN2D 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

GempAnimator 1.1 gempanimator.sourceforge.net  Puzzle

Lightweight Java library for animation and animated components development. Also perfect as a graphics engine for 2D games in Java.

JASEL 1.0 jasel.sourceforge.net  Arcade Style

Java middleware/engine to make the creation of 2D games easy and fun.

2d java game framework 1.0 javagameframew.sourceforge.net  Card Games

A little framework for building 2d games in java

Chimera Games Engine 1.0 chimera2d.sourceforge.net  Strategy

"Chimera2D" is an 2D Games Engine For creating video games written in C #, which combines ease and power. The engine uses the library XNA which allows portability (Cross Plateform) between PC and Xbox360. Thus, with the wealth that it bears the POO, Ch

Frank Engine 0.11 frankengine.frankforce.com  Simulations

The Frank Engine is a simple and flexible engine for making 2D games. It contains everything necessary to create a complete DirectX game with rendering, particle system, level editor, sound, music, physics, joystick input, GUI, and debug console.

Nightmare Game Engine 1.0 Ngame  Arcade Style

This is an engine for making 2D games such as Megaman, Mario, spaceshooters, possibly Zelda, and if it is not too much of a stretch, RPGs. It is written in C++ using SDL Nightmare Game Engine 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Power Game Factory Game Engine 1.0 Pgfgameengine  Arcade Style

This is a game engine for 2D side-scrolling action/adventure games for Mac OS X. It has been used extensively as part of the Power Game Factory game creation software (http://www.sawbladesoftware.com) Power Game Factory Game Engine 1.0 License - BSD License

Aquila Game Engine 1.0 Age  Misc. Dev. Tools

Aquila Game Engine (AGE) is small project for helping in developing multiplatform 2D games. Aquila Game Engine 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Annchienta rc annchienta.sourceforge.net  Strategy

Annchienta is a 2D isometric game engine for RPG games, but can be used for other games as well. We also release the games here as well. These games are mostly set in a fantasy world, combining an epic and tragic quest with fun and challenging gameplay.