Java ATC Simulation Data Framework 0.0.1 in Games \ Simulations

A framework of Java components for building applications that operate on the popular Squawkbox/ProController protocols used for Internet real-time Air Traffic Control and flying simulation. The big networks are VATSIM ( and IVAO (

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Irwsoft Data Framework Light Edition Irwsoft  Misc. Dev. Tools

Irwsoft Data Framework Light Edition contains SQL-object mapper classes designed to help you work with SQL relational databases. Irwsoft Data Framework Light Edition is integrated within Visual Studio IDE and helps you manage database objects, table relations, data-class references and more.

Crop Simulation Markup Language 1.0 Cropsim-xml  XML/CSS Tools

The Crop Simulation Markup Language (CropSim-XML) is a XML-based framework for the transfer of agricultural crop simulation data between crop simulation users. The backbone of CropSim-XML is an XML document type definition (DTD). Crop Simulation Markup Language 1.0 License - Public Domain

jstatcom 2.7  Misc. Dev. Tools

JStatCom is a software framework that facilitates the creation of JAVA programs for data based analysis tasks in various domains. It provides ways to call routines from specialized software packages, like Matlab, Gauss, Ox, and possibly others.

RunMC 4.1  Science

C++, Fortran, Java Linux, Windows/Cygwin Framework for Monte Carlo simulation of high-energy collisions

Jabapper - Java SAP Bapi Executor rc Jabapper  Misc. Dev. Tools

A Java SAP Bapi Execution Framework.This framework will execute SAP R3 Functions by reading SAP descriptors from XML files.Requires Java Connector, Commons-DigesterProvides data type conversion, aggregate functions, localization, and more... Jabapper - Java SAP Bapi Executor rc License - GNU...

Marvin - Image Processing Framework 1.4.3 Marvin Development Team  Misc. Dev. Tools

Marvin - Image Processing Framework is an extensible, Java based image processing framework. Every image processing algorithm is developed as a plug-in. With the help of Marvin - Image Processing Framework you are able to easily manipulate images and captured video frames.

Java Error Handling Framework (JErr) 0.1  Misc. Dev. Tools

Java Error (jErr) Handling Framework. The framework supports the handling of errors and exceptions in a multi-language environment.

Java Swing Wizard Framework 1.0 Javaswingwizard  Misc. Dev. Tools

This is a Java Swing wizard dialog framework based on Robert Eckstein's article and source code at The Wizard is allowed to have multiple paths to the finish button, Java Swing Wizard Framework 1.0 License - Apache License V2.0

HTMF- Hard Token Management Framework 1.5.4  Encryption Tools

HTMF is a Java Hard Token Management Framework used to manage the complete livecycle of an organizations Smartcards and/or USB dongles. It communicates with the tokens through a PKCS11 interface.

iGesture - Gesture Recognition Framework 1.0  Science

iGesture is a Java-based gesture recognition framework providing access to multiple gesture recognition algorithms and different input devices. The iGesture Workbench supports the definition and evaluation of customised gesture sets and algorithms.