Java Boolean Expression Library 1.0 in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The Java Boolean Expression Library (JBEL) enhances the Java Collections API by implementing on-the-fly sorting, filtering and reasoning capabilities including, select(), collect(), reject(), detect(), doForEach() using functional programming techniques.

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Java regular expression debugger was specially designed as an accessible and easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to debug regular expressions. Java regular expression debugger was developed with the help of the Java programming language and can run on multiple platforms.

Boolean Expression Editor for Java 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

BEEJ is a Boolean Expression Editor for Java. This library provides a GUI interface to build complex (or simple) expressions with your options as a base component.

Java Class File Library 2.0.161 Free Internals  Components and Libraries

Java Class File Library or jCFL is a Java component designed to give users a convenient API to parse Java class Files, and further more, it provides swing UI controls to display the class file. jCFL makes it very easy to get the constant pool, fields, methods, and human readable byte code...

Boolean Expression Solver 1.0  Science

Boolean Expression Solver is a command-line utility that generates a truth table for a given Boolean expression.

Java Machine Learning Library 0.1.6  Science

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The Boolean Expression Reducer (BExpred) 0.8  Science

The Boolean Expression Reducer provides the user with various tools to visualize and analyze boolean expressions. Given an expression, it also reduces it to its Sum of Products and Product of Sums form.

Zeus Java Swing Components Library 1.70  Misc. Dev. Tools

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Regular Expression Library 1.0 Regex  Misc. Dev. Tools

Regular Expression Library - provides a very fast DFA (Deterministic Finite Automaton) based matching algorithm, and full compliance with POSIX.2 except for internationalization features Regular Expression Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)