Java Bridge to Exchange 1.0

Moyosoft in Development \ Components and Libraries

The Java Bridge to Exchange product is an effective solution to access data stored in the Microsoft Exchange server from Java. Exchange items like e-mails, contacts and appointments can be accessed, created, imported or exported with the library. The library can be used to integrate Exchange with your Java application.Enable your Java application to access Exchange messages, export attachments and send, forward or reply to e-mails...

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i5 PHP Bridge 0.1  Components and Libraries

Tying together Zend Framework, PHP/Java Bridge, JTOpen, and Tomcat to provide a FOSS solution for i5 (IBM i, iSeries, AS/400) PHP developers struggling with the performance issues of the Integrated File System.

PHP-JRU 1.0.rc3  Misc. Dev. Tools

PHP-JRU (PHP Jasper Report Utils) Es una librerA­a que permite generar reportes usando la tecnologA­a JasperReport en PHP mediante el modulo Java/Bridge.

joxtr 1.0 Joxtr  Science

The Java Open and eXchange and TRading system. An open trading (clearing) platform based on openly available and well known auction and trading rules. joxtr 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

TMXResourceBundle - TMX Java Bridge 1.1.008  Misc. Dev. Tools

TMXResourceBundle is an extension of Java ResourceBundle class to read text resources directly from a TMX file (Traslation Memory eXchange - standard XML format for the representation of Translation Memory (TM) data).

PHP/Java Bridge 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

The PHP script engine for Java. --- Run PHP applications within any J2EE server or servlet engine and/or connect script engines like PHP with Java or .NET back ends efficiently.

ComfyJ 2.9 TeamDev Ltd  Misc. Dev. Tools

ComfyJ is a powerful application that allows you to use ActiveX/COM/OLE/OCX objects directly from your Java application. You can also implement Java objects as COM objects, without writing native code. You could easily integrate your Java application with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and...

JACOB - Java COM Bridge 1.16-M1 clay_shooter  Misc. Dev. Tools

JACOB is a JAVA-COM Bridge that allows you to call COM Automation components from Java. It uses JNI to make native calls to the COM libraries. JACOB runs on x86 and x64 environments supporting 32 bit and 64 bit JVMs

Link Exchange Manager Accounting Software  Desktop Tools

Reciprocal link checker tool can prove to be the best SEO tool to promote several link exchange programs by detecting all important links like website links, java script links, and direct links on publisher website. Free msn back link checker facilitates to automatically generate a text or html...

Java VM Bridge for Functional Languages 0.3  Misc. Utils.

A bridge to the Java virtual machine via JNI for Haskell (and perhaps later other functional lanaguages).

JCom (Java-COM Bridge)  Code Management

JCom is a bridge library between Java and Com to enable COM object access from Java classes.Example: Creating an Excel worksheet, or using Visual Basic COM application from a Java application.