Java NNTP Server 1.0 in Internet \ Misc. Internet

Java realization of News Server based on Network News Transfer Protocol (via TCP/IP)It will be a bridge between data storage (some SQL DB) and News Reader (client)OS: OS independentProgramming Language: Java

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Java NRPE Server 1.05.3 / 2.0.2 Beta 06 Massimiliano Ziccardi  Server

Java NRPE Server, also known as JNRPE, is developed as an open source tool that can help you create and execute Nagios Java plugins. JNRPE is designed to be compatible with check_nrpe and can be used to execute both old and new Nagios plugins. Java NRPE Server uses the NRPE protocol to...

java nio server 1.0.0 blashgetkljsg  Server

A small simple but complete java NIO server (with full source included) that is free for anyone to use for anything. At the moment, it only deals with sending and receiving strings, and isn't optimized.

Java HotSpot Server VM 2.0 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  Java

Java HotSpot Server VM is an add-on performance module for the Java 2 SDK.The Java HotSpot Server VM employs state-of-the-art technology to offer many performance enhancements, including an adaptive compiler, improved garbage collection, and thread synchronization. The Java HotSpot Server VM...

Java Email Server (JES) Eclipse plug-in 1.0.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

The Java Email Server (JES) plug-in is an embedded instance launcher of JES (email server) under Eclipse; it's intended to help developers viewing the layout of mails sent by their application to the clients (subscription mails, etc...) in local.

Java RolePlaying Server 1.0 Jrpgs  Misc. Games

JRPGS - Java RolePlaying Server. It will be an plataform to allow to play throught internet to roleplayin games like kult, etc. It will be have an server interfave, an master interface and a client interface. Its written in java to be portable Java RolePlaying Server 1.0 License - GNU General...

Wondering jftpd: Java FTP server 1.0 Wondering-jftpd  FTP

An another Java FTP server Wondering jftpd: Java FTP server 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

CoffeeLink Open News Server 1.3.1  Misc. Internet

CoffeeLink Open News Server is an NNTP server written entirely in Java intended for hosting private discussion groups. CLNews supports the current NNTP RFC including many common extensions.

jNewsGate NNTP gateway 0.2  Misc. Internet

jNewsGate is a plugin based NNTP server written in Java intended to fetch different news-like content (RSS feeds, news sites, web forums) and provide it to a NNTP news reader.

Java SMTP/POP EMail Server rc  Mail

Provide an Open Source Java Email Server that supports POP3/SMTP.