Java Replication Utility 1.0 in Utilities \ Backup Tools

Java Replication Utility - simple backups have never been faster, and who knows what other replication problems you might solve with this tool

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Java Backup Utility 0.5.1  Backup Tools

The Java Backup Utility (jbu) is a fully-threaded backup utility written in Java. Because of this, it can run on any platform. It uses the common .zip file format for its backup files, and hence the user is not bound to a "proprietary" format.

MZTalk 1.00 Beta Marcello Zaniboni  Chat Tools

MZTalk is a free Java Swing utility for talking to another user over the net. This is a first experimental beta version (it means that it could not work fine).

Css Combiner 0.8.1  Misc. Dev. Tools

This is a commandline, Java base, utility to combine many css files linked via the @import declaration into one in order to minimize the number of http request on a website for css files.

DateUtils 0.9  Misc. Dev. Tools

A pure java calendar utility, with a date field and navigable calendar.Actual version: 0.9 (November 23th)Now, allow selection rules (like: only before a date, or only weekday), auto language use (by OS configuration) - or custom if you prefer...I hope this help you.. Download, use, study and...

DupSynch 2010.04.30  Graphic Viewers

Java file utility to synchronize files, find file duplicates and sort images into folders.

Earthdawn Character Editor 0.40.20120325  Role Playing

The Earthdawn Character Editor is a java-based utility to create and manage character for the role-playing game Earthdawn Third Edition. It is intend to be very flexible, so almost the full behaviour can be configured through xml-based config-files.

Jar Browser 1.0  Bug Trackers

Jar Browser is a Java development utility for searching and browsing the contents of a set of jar and zip files. It supports searching for classes across multiple jars, plus a variety of other features. Great for solving CLASSPATH issues.

jisql 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

Jisql is a Java based utility to provide a command line interactive session with a SQL server. It can connect to any database with a JDBC driver.

BobSleigh 1.0 Bobsleigh  Misc. Dev. Tools

BobSliegh is a Java based utility which can examine a user specified database connection and produce an in-memory model of the database schema. This model can then be transformed into Java Source files e.g. database acccess objects, MyBatis SQL map files, Hibernate classes etc. The utility uses...

Mobile Podcast 1.0 Mobilepodcast  Video

A Java J2ME utility for downloading podcasts to a Java enabled mobile device or phone. A must have for podcast lovers on the go. You don't need a computer or a third party web server for downloading your favorite podcast. Mobile Podcast 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)