Java Windows Integration 0.1.0 in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Java Windows Integration um conjunto de scripts (VBScript), utilizados em conjunto com uma configurao no registro do Windows, para adicionar ao menu de contexto (click direito do mouse) as funcionalidade de compilar e rodar uma classe Java.

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ICMP library for Java/Windows 1.4.0 Verax Systems  Components and Libraries

Verax ICMP library for Java/Windows is a high-performance, asynchronous and 100% JNI (Java Native Interface) implementation of the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) ping for Microsoft Windows, independent of any third party libraries. The problem Java 5 introduced the InetAddress class...

Document Hub 2.0.03 ENIACJIA SOFTWARE  Utilities

-Seamless Windows integration: Tight integration with Windows Applications such as MS-Office, Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader, email clients. Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop from applications to DocumentHub. -Internet support: Built-in support for

GlobalSign Code Signing Tool 6.0 GlobalSign  Web Development

The GlobalSign Code Signing Tool provides a simple front end to the command-line tools for signing Java, Windows (both kernel as well as user mode) and Adobe AIR applications. Using the tool is simple and intuitive, simply select your application type, your certificate, and optionally add a...

SearchExt Marco Seraphin - develope IT  File & Disk Management

File extension database with complete windows integration for unknown documents and files SearchExt is a standalone application as well as a fully integrated file context menu extension to search for unknown documents and files with its extensions of unknown or maybe dangerous files on your...

OC Volume 1.0  Sound Tools

OC Volume is a speech recognition engine written in Java for integration with other applications. It is currently an User-Dependent Isolated Word Recognizer and can be expanded to include more capability for recognition.

AUI JAIS 1.0 Auijais  Science

Ascia User Interface is the human interface of Java Automation Integration System (or Just Another Integration Software), an event driver software that allow control of home automation appliance (light, motors, ecc). AUI JAIS 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Improve 7-zip 1.0 Improve7-zip  Compression

Well as you know, 7-zip is a great archiver, but has very poor icons and Windows integration is not very good, so im fixing these issues, My improved Version of 7-Zip is the exact same thing as the other one, so i take no credit for the apps purpose, Improve 7-zip 1.0 License - Public Domain

JWSF 1.0 Jwsf  Misc. Dev. Tools

JWSF - Java Windows Shutdown Functions API allows java applications to perform the following operations on most windows operating system, shutdown, restart, logoff, lock workstation. JWSF makes native calls using JNI. JWSF is subject to the LGPL license JWSF 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser...

Apache ServiceMix 4.3.0 Apache Software Foundation  Server

Apache ServiceMix is an open source distributed ESB built from the ground up on the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification JSR 208. The goal of JBI is to allow components and services to be integrated in a vendor independent way, allowing users and vendors to plug and play. Give Apache...

Windows Integration Pack Generator 1.0 Winupdategen  Misc. Dev. Tools

Dynamic development environment to developer Windows Update pack that can be build 'on the fly' to be integrated into the Windows install source reducing network role out time scales aswell as reducing security threat. Windows Integration Pack Generator 1.0 License - GNU General Public...