Lat & Long ersion 1.0

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Lat & Long ersion 1.0

GPS Lat & Long - your easy display of Latitude, Longitude & Height. ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Lat & Long displays the most accurate position available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The position is displayed in the Degrees, Minutes, Seconds format widely used by both navigation professionals and hobby users. The display is clear, large and frequently updated with...

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DegreeToUTM 1.0  Science

This program reads a txt file with various coordinates (lat/long or utm) and converts them all to another system (utm or lat/long, respectively), copying the results to clipboard (where it can be pasted in MS Excel or similar).

SHPTRANS - Shapefile Transformer rc  Science

A fast, high-precision GIS projection utility which reads and writes shapefiles and supports Canadian NTv2 datum transformation along with lat/long, Transverse Mercator, and Double Stereographic projections.

APPA Post Code Lookup GUI Innovations  Travel

Allows you to check any UK post code, and get details for it. Details include lat/long, easting, northings, grid ref and address. Additionally, using mapping, you can see where the post code is on the map, and navigate to it, either driving or walking.

Pilot Aid E6B Michael D.  Productivity

Free trial for 7 days with full functionality! Pilot Aid E6B does everything that an E6B does, plus allowing you to use GPS data in your calculations. GPS data includes: Course, Altitude, Lat/Long (Degress and Deg/Min/Sec), and Ground Speed. It is compatible with both English and Metric units,...

SuperCompass Baby Justine  Travel

Baby Justine's SuperCompass is a compass and more See where you are on the map, where you are facing, and even through your camera. It shows your heading, and Lat/Long as well.

SweNav Izaxon  Travel

The most sophisticated free GPS app available, and yet so user friendly. Supports UTM, lat/long, waypoints, trips, bearing, course, distance and more. Use it for any activity like trekking, yachting, running, geo caching, fishing or just plain city use. Pin a wide tile on the start screen and it...

daylightd 0.0.3  Science

A daemon to notify at the approximate time of sunrise, sunset, dawn dusk etc. via dbus and/or udp and provide current status (day, night etc.) in response to a query via dbus, or tcp connection. Calculations based on time and lat/long from gpsd.

Nima2GPS 3.0  Science

WAYPOINTS   UNLIMITED! Worldwide coverage Get Version 3 For more information visit  Nima2GPS is a shareware system designed to take advantage of the huge database provided by American government 's NIMA agency through its GEOnet Names Server, which has geo referenced...

SHPTRANS 1. 1. 2004 Bruce Dodson  Utilities

SHPTRANS is a fast, high-precision NTv2 datum transformation and projection utility which reads and writes shapefiles. SHPTRANS is intended to complement, not replace, existing projection tools such as those within ArcView GIS 3.x and ArcGIS 8.x.SHPTRANS supports the following projections: UTM...

Sun & Moon on Screen 1.0 PAl SzilArd  Utilities

Watch Sun & Moon passing across your desktop. Observe the Sun and the Moon like you can see them in the sky. When the Sun/Moon rises, you will notice that a small icon of the Sun/Moon rises on the left side of your taskbar, exactly where you've got the 'start' button. And it...