LearnDiscovery - Discover the Map of Human Knowledge 1.0.0

XDiscovery in Mobile \ Reference

LearnDiscovery - Discover the Map of Human Knowledge 1.0.0

? Free - LearnDiscovery is currently reduced by 100% off its list price! Discover the Map of Human Knowledge - a breakthrough in reference, learning and education, to visually learn in seconds. LearnDiscovery is the portable tool to discover knowledge maps about any person, place, fact, art, science, music, sport described within the English Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia collected by mankind. Discover meaningful knowledge maps for...

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The volume of research publications added every day to the human knowledge-base on PubMed central is overwhelming. Staying current with the most recent work in your field is critical for your success as a scientist. PubMed Alert Me! 1.0 is a free software tool that can help you to keep up-to-date...

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this project is a expert system which evaluate a human knowledge based on a particular domain.

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The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, edited by James Trefil, Joseph F. Kett, and E. D. Hirsch, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, "Medicine and Health" Definitions relating to human health, including anatomical, physiological and medical terms, from The New Dictionary of...

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