Lennard-Jones Molecular Dynamics 1.0

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This module describes and demonstrates some of the elementary thermophysical properties of interest in the study of fluid phases. Perform a molecular dynamics simulation of a system of molecules interacting according to the Lennard-Jones model potential. Properties calculated during the simulation include thermodynamic properties (the internal energy and the pressure), structural properties (the radial distribution function), and dynamic...

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Square-Well Molecular Dynamics New David A. Kofke, Andrew Schultz  Misc. Graphics

Square-Well Molecular Dynamics is built as an easy-to-use, unique, and useful tool that allows you to analyze molecular dynamics. Square-Well Molecular Dynamics can be used to study RDF, velocity distribution, metrics and other important information. Square-Well Molecular Dynamics is written in...

Lennard-Jones PVT System Model for Windows 1.0 Wolfgang Christian  Drawing and CAD

The Lennard-Jones PVT System simulates a two-dimensional system of particles confined between a thermal reservoir and a piston. This computer model is designed to study the equation of state for particles interacting via a simple but realistic molecular potential that has a weak long-range...

Brenner Molecular Dynamics 0.5.0 brennermd.sourceforge.net  Science

BrennerMD is a public domain Fortran molecular dynamics program by Donald Brenner and other people. This project is to maintain the original source code and to build a Python interface on top of it.

Polarizable Fluids Molecular Dynamics 1.0rc2 pfmd.sourceforge.net  Science

PFMD performs a Molecular Dynamics simulation of some polarizable fluids at the liquid state by means of a dissociable potential. Supported molecules are H2O (water) and MX3, where M is a metal among Al, Fe, or Ga and X is a halogen among Cl, Br, or I.

ProtoMol- Molecular Dynamics Simulation 1.0 protomol.sourceforge.net  Parenting Tools

ProtoMol is an object-oriented component based framework for molecular dynamics simulations.

Java Molecular Dynamics Engine 1.0 Mdjsim  Science

Simple molecular dynamics engine written in Java. Java Molecular Dynamics Engine 1.0 License - MIT License

CARMEL 'CARbon MEchanics Lab' 1.0 Carmel  Science

CARMEL is a suit of parallel codes designed to perform classical molecular dynamics simulations of atomic and ionic systemsPotentials : Lennard Jones, Yukawa, Tersoff Bond orderIntegrators : NPT, NVT, NVE CARMEL 'CARbon MEchanics Lab' 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Moil 11 8. 4. 2016 MOIL11 team  Multimedia

Moil supports the usual set of tools for molecular modeling by classical mechanics, including energy calculations, energy minimization, molecular dynamics, and more. Moil allows for reasonably straightforward conversion of PDB files to computable datasets (coordinate and energy templates).

gromita 120507 bio.demokritos.gr  Science

A user friendly front-end for molecular dynamics

LAMMPS 12 lammps.sandia.gov  Science

LAMMPS is a classical molecular dynamics simulator designed for parallel machines. It can model atomic, polymeric, biological, metallic, or mesoscale systems using a variety of force fields and boundary conditions and is easy to modify or extend.