Liberty BASIC for Windows 4.03

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Liberty BASIC for Windows 4.03

Liberty BASIC is an ideal personal Windows programming tool. Great for light programming or for learning to program (tutorial included). Create your own utilities, games, business apps and more. Large online community. Special classroom pricing! A 2002 Isidor Shareware Awards finalist! Nominated twice by PC Magazine for shareware of the year! Used by McGraw-Hill as an introduction to computer programming!

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Liberty BASIC Builder 111  Misc. Dev. Tools

LB Builder is an IDE for the Liberty BASIC windows programming language based on Scintilla. It is the most feature-rich IDE currently available for Liberty BASIC. LB Builder is a project-oriented IDE and it has a user friendly WYSIWYG GUI builder.

Liberty BASIC Workshop Alyce Watson  File & Disk Management

A complete IDE for Liberty BASIC programmers. Features: Multiple file creation and editing. Optional extended syntax coloring, fully customizable by the user! Code Explorer. Snippet Manager. Bookmarks and line numbers in code editor. Syntax help and syntax viewer. Block code indent/outdent and...

Simple Basic for Windows R3 1.0  Parenting Tools

Simple Basic for Windows R3Intermedia Language Version

Liberty Office rc  Office Tools

Liberty Office is a new open-source office suite for Windows written in Liberty BASIC.

gui_chung_dll 1.0  Components and Libraries

gui_chung_dll is a dll version of gui_chung to easily make gui windows with graphics in any language , as c/c++, with simple syntax inspired from Liberty Basic easy gui coding (buttons, combobox, edittext, statictext, listbox, menu, graphicbox,...). Includes creation of openGL windows and...

Freeform II 1.0 Freeformii  Misc. Dev. Tools

Create your application windows for Liberty BASIC applications with this tool entirely written in Liberty BASIC by the Liberty BASIC community. Freeform II 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

BASIC Stamp Editor 2. 5. 2002 Parallax  Utilities

The BASIC Stamp Windows Editor supports all the BASIC Stamp modules including the BASIC Stamp 1 module in the Windows environment (assuming that you have the required BS1 Serial Adapter or the BS1 Project Board). The BASIC Stamp Windows Editor includes the software, USB driver, example code...

Aero Enabler  Utilities

This tool will enable Aero on Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Basic. Make sure that your computer meets the following requirements to ensure compatibility: -DirectX 9 acceleration -WDDM-compatible driver -128 MB of graphics memory -Pixel Shader 2.0 with 32 bits per pixel...

RFC Connector 2.0.1 secept Menges & Vigelius GbR  Utilities

Rfc Connector is a COM library which enables access to SAP systems from every programming language which understands COM (including Visual C , Visual Basic, VBA (Office Basic), VBS (Windows Scripting), Delphi, AutoIT v3 and .NET languages). The library includes many features which were designed...

chung_edit 1.0  Office Tools

chung edit is a small text editor with recall of the name and type of the latest opened file , written in Liberty Basic v4.03.