Linux Console Commands 1.0

Lconsole in Utilities \ Maintenance

This project maps Linux console commands to their windows equivalents and is intended to aid Linux users who also use the windows console, as well as windows users who would like to learn Linux console commands in a familiar environment. Linux Console Commands 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Related Software

Active@ KillDisk Linux Console 9.1.1110 LSoft Technologies Inc.  File & Disk Management

Active@ KillDisk for Linux (Console) is a powerful utility that will: wipe confidential data from unused space on your hard drive; erase data from partitions or from an entire hard disk; destroy data permanently. Active@ KillDisk for Linux (Console) wipes unused data residue from file slack...

Linux Console Project 1.4.2  Optimizers & Diagnostics

This project maintains the Linux Console tools, which include utilities to test and configure joysticks, connect legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem (providing support for serial mice, touchscreens etc.), and test the input event layer.

Linux Rescue System Generator 0.32  Compression

The project provides a script which permits to generate automatically a small rescue system for Linux (boot floppy, CDROM, ZIP or tftpboot configuration). All usal Linux console commands are available. Only hard disk and network drivers are supported.

small Linux console getty 1.08  Misc. Utils.

Small Linux console getty that is started on the Linux text console, asks for a login nameand then tranfers over to /bin/login. Is extended to allow automatic login and starting anyapp.

console commander 0.10  Misc. Dev. Tools

A front-end for the linux console. Summarizes various linux commands into a simple menu system. Read tutors from the console on how to overcome linux problems when you cant start up the x windows system.

console virtual keyboard 0.9  Science

Linux Console program that make a virtual keyborad that can be used with an absolute coordonates pointing device. It means that you can use your touchscreen to emulate a keyboard. It also does copy paste and stroke recognition.

PCchat 0.165 Rovatronic  Misc. Utils.

PCchat is a chat like application resembling a linux console.With PCchat you can use your PC's functions much easier and faster than before by talking to your PC using a natural language as if your PC was a real person.Due to this concept this application is useful for both PC novices and...

AsmFile - file manager 0.9.17  File & Disk Management

AsmFile is a filemanager for terminals or the Linux console. It is written in assembler for small size and speed. The design uses two window approach like mc and other filemanagers.

BVRDE rc  Misc. Dev. Tools

The BVRDE is a fully integrated development environment (IDE) for remote cross-platform compiling and debugging of UNIX and LINUX console applications.BVRDE runs on a Windows platform, but compiles and debugs applications on UNIX systems.

Codedit 1.02  Misc. Dev. Tools

A linux console-based text editor integrated with g++. Has syntax highlighting, code completion, a script mode, auto-indenting and bracket matching.