Lioness (Languages Interop Framework) 1.9 in Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Framework for making Windows applications that are one .exe file in AutoHotKey_L,C++,C#, VB.NET,Java,Groovy,Common Lisp,Nemerle,Ruby,Python,PHP,Lua,Tcl,Perl,Jint,S#,WSH VBScript,HTML/JavaScript/CSS,COM, PowerShell without compiling . For .NET 4.

Related Software

Physhun 0.6.1  Components and Libraries

Physhun is a Java framework for building and executing finite state machines in J2SE and J2EE environments. State models are defined as collections of Spring beans, and do not use proprietary modeling languages. The framework is simple and flexible.

SnapLogic for Windows 2.0.5 mikeyp  Components and Libraries

SnapLogic is an Open Source Data Integration framework that combines the power of state-of-the-art dynamic programming languages with standard Web interfaces to solve today's most pressing problems in data integration.

IRC Framework 1.0 Ircframe  Misc. Dev. Tools

This is a framework for handling the IRC protocol as well as some of the more common extenstions(xdcc, etc). This will be prototyped out in either Ruby or Java, and will then be ported to the other languages. IRC Framework 1.0 License - BSD License

Autodrive 1.0  Science

Autodrive is written to automate tasks within a large soa installation, ranging from gathering information to a metadata repository, over testing software solutions, and deploying prebuild software artifacts. Metadata collection tool, Unattended deployment, Automated testing, Scriptet, combines...

Blindeyes Distributed Command Framework rc  Misc. Utils.

BlindEyes is an open-source distributed framework designed to allow the distribution and chaining together of code in many popular languages.

raBooF Commandline Framework 0.5.0  Code Management

raBooF is a commandline parser framework written in java, but usable for multiple platforms and languages. Based on a simple grammar document it will generate the corresponding parser and help screen.

VilAug - Framework for Visual Languages  Science

The VilAug framework for visual linguistics! This gadget contains an IconNet with icons like WordNet and an IconMessenger as instant messenger. A new ontology is used, grammars for visual languages designed. A language with signs? Create it with VilAug.

Scripting language framework for .NET 1.0 Dynscript-net  Misc. Dev. Tools

This is a framework for the creation of dynamic scripting languages on the .NET platform. Static typing, type inference, and true derivation from .NET classes are also planned. Two projects built on this are Boa and NetLisp. It is a work in progress. Scripting language framework for .NET 1.0...

OCL Translation Framework 1.0 Ocltf  Misc. Dev. Tools

The OCL Translation Framework provides the ability, to generate/develop/test pluggable OCL translators which "translate" OCL into other languages (EJB-QL, Hibernate-QL, SQL, Java, etc.). Intended to be used within MDA toolsets.

The TORUS Framework 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

The TORUS framework project aims to provide a complete application lifecycle management environment (from requirements to tests), supporting most common platforms and programing languages, and centered on one main concept: Think Once & ReUSe! The TORUS Framework 1.0 License - Eclipse...