Loc Cit 1.0

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Loc Cit 1.0

A standards-compliant bibliography generator, focusing on efficiency. Type your many references' details easily with keyboard navigation and let Loc Cit format and sort them in to a ready to copy list, of the standard of your choice.

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CIT Reader is a personal voice synthesizer reading texts by a PC audio output using the TTS (Text To Speech) technology. CIT Reader uses all voices supporting the SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface). SAPI voice is usually part of Microsoft Windows, also you can test other voices for...

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AnalogX K-LOC Calculator is a simple way to measure project complexity. This software can scan any number of files, any wildcard extension, and even recursively check subdirectories. It returns not only the total project K-LOC rating, but the average file K-LOC rating and total file size of the...

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Devil-Loc Deluxe is an audio plugin that is able to add distortion and grit to make drums sound like a hellish nightmare. However, it is not restricted to drums only, so you can experiment with it on any instrument you need.

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Project Manager's tool to count lines of code (SLOC,LOC) in source or text files. Able to count C,C++, Java, Delphi/Pascal, COBOL, VB, PHP, ASP, XML, FORTRAN, and many others. Includes total counts for comments, blanks and source lines - sortable and exportable to CSV, HTML, XML and other...

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A location aware personal planner. Alerts you when a scheduled task location is in proximity. Add todo list and display your personal tasks as markers on a map. Loc Rekall alerts you to do a particular task when in proximity to a venue of a task added.

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JLoc is made in Java and provides analysis of the Lines Of Code(LOC) for any project. Currently, C++,Java,VB,SQL,Makefile and Matlab files are supported. It will count the total number of comment lines, blank lines and actual source code lines. Export fu

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Application for geocaching or waymarking that allows you to import GPX or LOC files for editing. You can print out cheat sheets to take on the trail, export to KML or HTML, and send the data to your handheld GPS unit.

IUT-SimDSP 1.0 Iut-simdsp  Science

This is a simple DSP simulator for educational purposes: developed as a course supplement of CIT-4617 (Digital Signal Processing) at Islamic University of Technology (IUT). Written in C++. Simple Signal Manipulations (Signal Add, Multiply, Scale etc.), Basic Signal Operations (MA Smoother,...