Long Range Bluetooth 1.0

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Long Range Bluetooth 1.0

XRange2000 is a long range Bluetooth transmitter that can be used for Bluetooth communications or Bluetooth advertising. It covers a very long range when compared to normal cheap Bluetooth dongles currently available in the market. Unfortunately, the cheap dongles are claimed to cover a 100-meter radius, but they actually do not cover a fraction of that. The XRange2000 can cover a very long range and it's compatible with BlueMagnet if you're...

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Swarovski Optik Ballistik Programm 1 1 Svarovski Optiks  Home & Personal

The following program from Svarovski Optiks provides the hunter with accurate long range shooting solutions. It alows you to stay on target when sighting in differnt distances defined by you. Nothing, however,can take the place of a good and careful shooting technique.

Financial Fate FMS Inc.  Utilities

Financial Fate is in- depth, long-range financial planning software designed for the do- it- yourselfer. Financial Fate is the first and the only software product of its kind which is Cash-flow-driven, fully-verifiable, and fully-automated. This simply means that is powerful, easy to use, and...

Delta Virtual Airlines A330 (FS2004) 1.0 Delta Virtual Airlines  Utilities

The Flight Simulator Airbus A330-300 is the biggest member of Airbus' twinjet family and is closely related to the four engined long range A340 with which it shares near identical systems, airframe, flightdeck and wings, the only major difference being the twin (versus four) engine...

Gulfstream G550 1.0.11 Gulfstream Aerospace  Business

The Gulfstream G550 Large-Cabin, Ultra-Long-Range Up to 18 Passengers Maximum Speed: Mach 0.885 (584 kts/1,083 kmph) Maximum Range: 6,750 nm (12,501 km) Maximum Altitude: 51,000 feet (15,545 m) Welcome to The World Standard Since 1958, Gulfstream business jets have set The World Standard...

Gulfstream G650 1.0.9 Gulfstream Aerospace  Business

The Gulfstream G650 Ultra-High-Speed, Ultra-Long-Range Up to 18 passengers Maximum Speed: Mach 0.925 (611 kts/1,132 kmph) Maximum Range: 7,000 nm (12,964 km) Maximum Altitude: 51,000 feet (15,545 m) Welcome to The World Standard Since 1958, Gulfstream business jets have set The World...

Premier Collection Airbus A319 for 1.0 Abacus Software  Games

Designed as part of Airbus' A320 family, the slightly smaller A319 has virtually the same range. With a passenger load of 125, this fly by wire aircraft has a range of 3900 nm making it ideal for long range flights. More than 1000 A319s are now in service.

NetCraft - network real time strategy 1.0 netcraft.sourceforge.net  Strategy

NetCraft is network Real Time Strategy which is pretending to make step from medieval battlefield to more moders. Radars, long range artillery, Special teams and so on. Also most programming effort are put into battle, minimising economy to minimum.

GraMS - Granular Media Simulation 1.0 Grams  Visual Basic

GRAnular Media Simulation in C++ using Molecular Dynamics. To be used in PhD work. The code will support: collision, electric dipoles (long range forces), intergranular fluid, and possibly MPI for parallel computing. GraMS - Granular Media Simulation 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

DHC-MEGE 1.0 Dhcmege  Science

What does it do? DHC-MEGE is a program designed for the identification of functional long-range cis elements such as enhancers from gene expression data. How does it work? DHC-MEGE takes a list of up- and down-regulated genes and extracts regions from a chromatin connectivity map which are...

BlueMarket Party 1.0.3285 RIA Software Co  File & Disk Management

System Requirements BlueMarket Party will run on computer system that meet minimum requirements. Minimum System requirements: Hardware: Pentium II class processor OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista Ram: 64MB Hard-disk free space: 30MB Video: 1024*768,True colors Microsoft .NET...