MAX's HTML Beauty++ 2004

Marko Njezic / MAX Interactive corp. in Web Development

MAX's HTML Beauty 2004 is advanced HTML editor that can edit as many files at a time as you want, plus it has advanced customizable syntax highlighting, undo / redo, drag & drop editing, right-click tag editing, extended find & replace, template support, project management, auto updating code snippets, code library, tag case changing capability, spelling & grammar check and more. Features: - You can open as many files at...

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Ron's HTML Cleaner 2015.11.04.1835 Ron's Place Apps  HTML Tools

Ron's HTML Cleaner uses lists of editable rules, called Cleaners, to achieve the cleaning, formatting and layout of HTML than is generated by rich editors (such as Word), before being published to SharePoint, on a Content Management System (CMS), or Log. It also lists both the anchor and media...

HTML Quick Reference Guide 2.0.0 Multimedia Australia  Miscellaneous

Multimedia Australia's HTML Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of the most commonly used HTML elements, and includes useful CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) properties. The guide has been conveniently designed as a one-page document, making it perfect to print out and place on a wall near your...

Norton AntiSpam 2004 Symantec Corporation  Mail

Symantec's Norton AntiSpamâ„¢ 2004 filters unwanted email out of your inbox. Working with any POP3 email program, it filters incoming mail on multiple levels, detecting and flagging unsolicited messages while promptly delivering valid mail. To make your online time more enjoyable, Norton...

HTML Template C++ 0.7.4  Misc. Dev. Tools

C++ template class modeled after Perl's HTML::Template. Both systems share the same syntax.

Java Mozilla Html Parser 0.3.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

MozillaParser is a Java Html parser based on mozilla's html parser. it acts as a bridge from java classes to Mozilla's classes and outputs a java Document object from a raw ( and dirty) HTML input

HTML-Tidy Gedit Plugin 1.0   Misc. Dev. Tools

This plugin allows running Dave Ragget's HTML-Tidy utility from Gedit. It supports two operations: tidy, and tidy-check, as well as some conveniences, such as as easy configuration of Tidy's numerous parameters, and detection of relevant files for operations. The tidy operation...

ICode html To DOM Project 1.0 Icodehtmltodomp  Misc. Dev. Tools

It's a javascript project to translate a valid html script into it's html DOM rapresentation. ICode html To DOM Project 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

PageLock Website Copy Protection 4.0.0 Multimedia Australia  HTML Editors

Protect your website's HTML code and design from theft using this easy to use program. PageLock encodes HTML in a way that makes it difficult to make unauthorised copies whilst still allowing the resulting webpage to be displayed in a JavaScript compatible web browser without disruption to its...

EfTidyCom 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

EfTidyCOM is a Windows COM component wrapping Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy, a free utility application from the World Wide Web Consortium that helps you clean up your web pages.


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