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MIView is a powerful yet easy to use medical image viewer based on OpenGPL designed to include useful tools such as a DICOM anonymizer and format conversion utility.


MIView is a powerful yet easy to use medical image viewer based on OpenGPL designed to include useful tools such as a DICOM anonymizer and format conversion utility. MIView can read DICOM, Analyze/Nifti, and raster images, and can write Analyze/Nifti and raster images. It can also read and convert DICOM mosaic images. MIView supports the following file formats: A· Dicom v3 A· Multi-frame, single file images A· JPEG2000, JPEGLossless A· ACR/NEMA A· Papyrus A· Analyze 7.5 (SPM format) A· Nifti-1 (.img|.hdr|.gz) A· JPEG - Joint photographic experts group A· GIF - graphics interchange format A· TIFF - tagged image file format A· PNG - portable network graphic A· BMP - bitmap A· PNM - portable any map A· PCX - 'Pacific Exchange' format A· XPM - X pixmap A· MIView supports the following datatypes (grayed out are not yet supported, or are readable but not displayed) A· Binary (all Raster types, Nifti) A· 8-bit signed/unsigned integer (all) A· 16-bit signed/unsigned integer (all) A· 32-bit signed/unsigned integer (Dicom,ACR,Analyze,Nifti) A· 64-bit signed/unsigned integer (Nifti) A· 32-bit float (Analyze,Nifti) A· 64-bit float (Analyze,Nifti) A· 128-bit float (Analyze,Nifti) A· Complex 64-bit (2 32-bit floats (real & imaginary components) (Nifti) A· Complex 128-bit (2 64-bit floats (real & imaginary components) (Nifti) A· Complex 256-bit (2 128-bit floats (real & imaginary components) (Nifti) A· 24-bit RGB (all) A· MIView displays the following information A· All Dicom tags (Dicom, ACR, Papyrus) A· Image dimensions (all) A· Nifti-1 tags (Nifti) A· MIView supports the following display formats (grayed out formats are not yet supported) A· Planar view A· Flip Left/Right A· Flip Top/Bottom A· Rotate right A· Rotate left A· Zoom/Unzoom A· Slice flipping A· Move around the screen A· Change window Center/Width by using right mouse button

MIView x64 0.7 Build 39 Graphic Viewers software developed by Greg Book. The license of this graphic viewers software is freeware, the price is free, you can free download and get a fully functional freeware version of MIView x64 0.7 Build. Do not use illegal warez version, crack, serial numbers, registration codes, pirate key for this graphic viewers freeware MIView x64 0.7 Build. Always use genuine version that is released by original publisher Greg Book.

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