Mage AI Project 1.0

Magicai in Games \ Strategy

An interface to an artificially intelligent agent for playing Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast. And one or more agents for static or adaptive playing of the game against other artificial or human players. Mage AI Project 1.0 License - BSD License

Related Software

NaruGo Go Game Java AI beta.0.9.48  Misc. Dev. Tools

NaruGo is game AI project. Current targets are GO board game and Texas Holdem poker. It investigates Genetic programming to build game AI logic. Also EA/GP simulations for TSP, Graph layout and Prisoners Dilemma problem.

Ultimate AI 1.0 Ultimatecevoai  Strategy

The purpose of Ultimate AI project is to create fastest, powerful and clever AI for freeware game called C-Evo( using power of several developers and open-source concept. Ultimate AI 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Chess challenge 1.1  Board Games

Chess challenge is an open source chess AI project with GUI. If you want source drop me a mail. ces.mohab[at]yahoo[dot]com

Smarter Orcs (A Fall From Heaven Mod) 1.0 Smarterorcs  Strategy

Smarter Orcs is a mod for the Civilization 4 mod Fall From Heaven. It aims to improve the AI in the game. In a first step, it will merge the existing Better AI project with FFH. Next, we will address the AI's performance with FFH's unique features. Smarter Orcs (A Fall From Heaven Mod)...

Mizore AI Project 1.1.2  Science

Mizore is a suite of evolutionary algorithm tools used to create and simulate artificial neural networks for solving temporally expressed problems.

ADF MAGE-ML Tool 1.0  Science

In order to facilitate standardization and exchange of microarray layout, this project provides an ADF (Array design File))/MAGE-ML converter.

AI Experiences rc  Misc. Games

This project's goal is to "package" AI features altogether.These features can embrace pathfinding, behaviour, fuzzy logic, state machines, and the like.

Civilization 4 Community Core Project 1.0  Strategy

A project aiming to become a universal mod to improve Civilization 4, improving modablilty, the AI, the UI, and the performance of the game.

Internet Artifical Intelligence Project 0.2.0  Misc. Internet

Project IAI (Internet Artifical Intelligence) intends to use the medium of the internet and forum based communities, to provide an interaction and knowledge source for an AI (though a large number of interactions), which has the ability to respond not on

MAGE-TAB Utilities b.1.20  Science

The MAGE-TAB Utilities project provides a simple Perl SDK for parsing, manipulating, visualizing and exporting data in MAGE-TAB format.