Modular Audio Recognition Framework 1.0 in Multimedia \ Sound Tools

Modular Audio Recognition Framework 1.0

MARF is a general cross-platform framework with a collection of algorithms for audio (voice, speech, and sound) and natural language text analysis and recognition along with sample applications (identification, NLP, etc.) of its use, implemented in Java.

Related Software

iGesture - Gesture Recognition Framework 1.0  Science

iGesture is a Java-based gesture recognition framework providing access to multiple gesture recognition algorithms and different input devices. The iGesture Workbench supports the definition and evaluation of customised gesture sets and algorithms.

Sautrela New Mikel Penagarikano  Misc. Dev. Tools

Sautrela was developed as an Open Source, highly modular and pluggable framework that is focused on speech recognition. The aim of Sautrela is to unify in a single framework almost all the tasks related to pattern recognition such as signal processing, model training and decoding.

Pear3DEngine 1.0 Pear3dengine  Gaming Tools

Pear3DEngine is a modern and modular 3D development framework that lets you create professional games, simulations and more. You are free to develop your program in C + +, XML or LUA and publish it as open source software or selling it as a commercial program. The rendering engine uses internally...

aqua-gesture-framework 1.0 Aqua-g  Science

AQUA-G: A universal gesture recognition framework for building gesture-enabled applications. aqua-gesture-framework 1.0 License - GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License version 3.0 (LGPLv3)

JAPA PHP5 Framework 1.2 Japa  Misc. Dev. Tools

Japa is a modular designed php5 framework based on the mvc pattern JAPA PHP5 Framework 1.2 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

JVoiceXML 0.7.5 Dirk Schnelle-Walka  Misc. Internet

VoiceXML is designed for creating audio dialogs that feature synthesized speech, digitized audio, recognition of spoken and DTMF key input, recording of spoken input, telephony, and mixed initiative conversations. Major goal is to have a platform independent implementation that can be used for...

Database for Network Management 1.0  Misc. Dev. Tools

DBNM is a highly modular and extensible framework for collecting and tracking vital networking information. It provides the ability to match a MAC address to an IP address to a port on a switch throughout the entire network.

Emma3D rc.0.5  Misc. Dev. Tools

Emma (Extensible Multi Media Architecture) is an open-source, modular, extensible, dynamic framework for declarative authoring and display of 2D and 3D interactive multimedia. It uses Lua for scripting and Ogre3D for rendering.

Open Computer Forensics Architecture 1.0  Science

A modular computer forensics framework.The project aims to be highly modular, robust,fault tolerant, recursive and scalable in order to be usable in large investigations that spawn numerous terabytes of evidence data and covers hundreds of evidence items

Relax and Recover (ReaR) 1.12.0  Backup Tools

Relax and Recover is a modular disaster recovery framework for Linux. Besides an integrated backup it also supports integration with existing backup software to provide an integrated bare metal disaster recovery solution without extra data storage.