Music Library 1.9.810

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Music Library 1.9.810

Music library is a CDDB-enabled comprehensive music database manager designed for MP3 and record collectors. It lets you catalog any music files or media such as MP3's, WAV's, audio CD's, vinyl's and cassettes etc. with a MS Access database. You can use it to lookup ID3 tag information for MP3's or download detailed CD information from CDDB. For MP3 users, the "Tag and Rename Utility" lets you batch rename files using ID3 tags or...

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Music Library Organizer Pro: is a complete library management software for Windows. It's a perfect choice for the following music libraries: school library, church library, corporation library, non-profit organization library, business library, specialized library, college or university...

Emmi Music Library 1.6.1 nrittsti  Misc. Dev. Tools

Emmi Music Library was specially designed as a Console-based music library that can help you find, organize, tag and play your favorite music. By using Emmi Music Library you have the possibility to manage multiple playlists and organize large collections of media files. Now you can make use of...

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iPod iTunes music library recovery application enables user to retrieve data including files, folders from iPod hard disk memory. iPod data salvage program rescues data and information from iPod even if your iPod device is inaccessible. iPod music player backup software recovers files, folders if...

Library Guard 0.3.8 Alpha 1.0 Jakub Fijalkowski  Misc. Multimedia Tools

LibraryGuard is small console application that was intended to help with music library. If somebody is pedantic about his/her music, for example path needs to match tags, clean folder hierarchy etc., this program should help. It provides basic functionality, which is: * maintaining path...

MarkelSoft TuneZIP for iTunes 2.0 MarkelSoft, Inc.  Multimedia

TuneZIP for iTunes - easily zip and share any or all of your iTunes Music Library. Packaging modes include zipping a playlist, backing up/zipping full iTunes Music Library, zipping only songs, zipping only movies, zipping only videos, zipping only podcasts, zipping only TV shows, zip a playlist...

iTunes Music Library Export 2.2.2  MP3 Tools

Provides the ability to export playlists from an iTunes Music Library. Supports exporting playlists as m3u files. 1.x branch built using .NET. 2.x branch build using Flex (AIR) and Scala.

SUB-SONIC Music Library 1.0 Sub-sonic  Misc. Audio

SUB-SONIC is a completely free music library that allows for use in both commerical and non-commerical programs. It's main focus is to provide an extremely powerful music system for games and multimedia applications. SUB-SONIC Music Library 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public...

Drupal module for a music library 1.0 Music-library  Internet Radio / TV

Drupal module for the creation of an online music library (with artists, albums, songs...) but with the characteristics of a jazz library (formations, instruments, sheets, themes...). Drupal module for a music library 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)

Arach Music Library 1.0 Arach  Audio Players

A web-based music library Arach Music Library 1.0 License - MIT License

Mychoonz music library 1.0 Mychoonz  Audio Players

Mychoonz will be a web-based music library and player Mychoonz music library 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL)